How to change picture on Iqama?

There are two ways to change the picture or photo on Iqama, one is specifically for children and the other one is for both children and adults.

Why do you need to change the picture?

At the time of entering Saudi Arabia, the immigration officer took your picture. You might have noticed that the photo on your Iqama remains the same despite several years having passed.

If your looks have considerably changed from the time you entered Saudi Arabia, you might have to change the photo on your Iqama. Otherwise, you will be facing issues of recognition at different government offices.

How to change picture on Iqama?

Change Photo on Iqama for Children

You need to provide pictures of the baby at the time of applying for Iqama for newborns. The same pictures remain on their iqama for several years.

However, according to the updated system, whenever children are traveling outside Saudi Arabia, you can request the immigration officer to change their pictures on Iqama. They are more likely to accept your request if the old picture is considerably different from the current appearance of the child.

I have requested them once and they did it immediately. However, in case they do not honor your request, you can always follow the other method explained below.

Change Photo on Iqama for Adults + Kids

In order to change the picture on your Iqama, follow the following process;

  • Book Jawazat Appointment with the option Resident Services.
  • Fill out the following form to change Iqama information.
    • Point 9: تغيير الصورة على الإقامة
  • Make sure to keep your passport with you.
  • Go to the counter with the camera installed on his desk.
  • Provide your Iqama and explain the purpose.
  • The officer will take your fingerprints to confirm your identity.
  • The officer will take a new picture.

That’s it, now you can go to another counter to print the Iqama.

Change Photo on Iqama for Adults + Kids

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