Where to buy ZamZam water in Makkah?

ZamZam water is extracted from Makkah and available at Masjid al-Haram for free. However, the best place to buy it in Makkah is the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Zamzam water distribution center. Here is how to buy it from the ZamZam factory in Makkah;

ZamZam Water Plant location

You can park your car in the wide parking of the King Abdullah ZamZam water distribution center. 

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Zamzam water distribution center

Family Registration

There is a small room in the middle of the Zamzam water plant. Go there and provide iqamas for the entire family. The attendant will fill out your details in the system and will ask you to visit the payment counter.  If you are Single, you don’t need to come here. Just follow the next step.

ZamZam Water Price in Makkah

Here are the rules to buy ZamZam at King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Zamzam water distribution center in Makkah.

  • Each bottle of 5 liters costs SR 9.75.
  • You can take 2 bottles yourself and 2 bottles for every person under your Iqama from the ZamZam factory in Makkah. For example, if your wife is under your iqama, you can take 4 bottles at a time.
  • The above-mentioned quota of 8 bottles is replenished after every 15 days. You can come again after 15 days to take another set of 8 bottles.

zamzam water plant


On the payment counter there are several lanes, provide your iqama and make payment at the counter and tell the attendant how many bottles you want from your quota.

ZamZam factory Makkah

Collection of Bottles

Receive the barcode, get the shopping cart from the right side and visit the automated counter.

  • On your turn, you have to place your receipt on a bar code reader and the machine will provide one bottle.
  • For the next bottle, you have to place the receipt again and the process will go on until you will receive the total bottles you requested.

This was the last step and now you are free to go home with your ZamZam water bottles.

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