How to Apply for Umrah Visa from Qatar?

If you are from Qatar, you can apply for a visa to perform Umrah by following a few simple steps as explained below.

Umrah Visa for Qatari Nationals

The citizens of Qatar or any GCC country do not have to apply for an Umrah visa to enter Saudi Arabia. They can cross the border and clear immigration just by showing their passport or Qatari identity card. Make sure you have the following;

  • Qatari National Identity Card or passport.
  • Umrah permit issued from Nusuk.
  • You can book an Umrah package through an agent or plan your itinerary using

How to Apply for Umrah Visa from Qatar?

Umrah Visa for Qatari Residents

No matter what is your Iqama profession, if you are a Qatari resident, you do not need an Umrah visa as you can apply for a Saudi visa as a GCC resident.

Umrah Visa for Qatari Tourists

If you are a tourist in Qatar or someone who has come to Qatar on a family visit visa, there could be three options for you to perform Umrah;

1- If you are a citizen of any of the 57 countries, you can apply for a Saudi tourist visa online.

2- If you have a valid UK, USA, or Schengen Visa on your passport, you can get an on-arrival visa for Saudi Arabia.

3- If you do not fall into any of these categories, you can apply for an Umrah visa online.

Note: Keep in mind that Non-Muslims cannot enter Makkah.

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