Apply for USA b1/b2 visit visa from Saudi Arabia

USA is a dream country for many expats. In order to visit it, you need to apply for a USA b1/b2 visit visa from Saudi Arabia. Here is the complete process;

Fill in the DS-160 form

This long form can be filled out online at As the DS-160 form is lengthy and requires a lot of specific information, make sure you are equipped with all the required information. Allocate an hour or so to fill in the DS-160 form with the correct information. If it is not possible to fill it all in once, you can log in again to complete it.

In such a case you will be given an Application ID, which is valid for 30 days only: once expired, a new application will have to be filled all over again.

Retrieving a previous application requires accessing through Application ID along with answering certain security questions. The following information is required to be entered in the DS-160 form to apply for U.S. Visa (B1/B2) from Saudi Arabia.

  • Your personal information.
  • In case traveling with family, you must have their full names and personal information like Passport number, Iqama number, Date of birth, etc
  • Name and complete information of the place/organization you shall be residing in such as an address, postal code, email, relationship, etc.
  • A photo that shall abide by the rules specified here

Review the DS-160 Form

When you are done with filling in the DS-160 form along with uploading the photograph, you will be asked to give it a review. Go through the DS-160 form very carefully and make sure all the information is correct. 

Submit the DS-160 Form

After this, you will be asked to confirm all the information via electronic signature. Once done with all these formalities, you will be receiving a confirmation email. 

There will be an attached confirmation page with the email, make sure to save it and take a print of it! This page will be required on the day of your interview.

Register at CGI website

Now you have to fill out a form for CGI which is quite similar to the previous DS-160 form.  The CGI form shall be attained from the web link

As you complete it, you will be given a confirmation email. You are also required to save the confirmation page and take its print. When heading towards the bank for paying your visa fees, CAREFULLY note the CGI reference number from your CGI form. This is an important requirement.

Pay the fee

Now you are required to visit a SAMBA bank and deposit visa fees amounting to $185 or SR 700. To be clear this is a non-refundable fee that can be deposited in SAMBA bank only.

The bank shall provide you with carbon paper, fill it properly. Where it asks for a reference code, jot down the CGI reference number.  Do not write the DS-160 form number here!

Book the Appointment

After 24 hours of fee submission, check the CGI website for fee confirmation.  Now you will be asked to select a date and time for the appointment. Once done with this, head forward for completing all your documents. This is a preferable checklist:

  • The DS-160 form confirmation page is inclusive of the barcode confirmation number.
  • A photograph with a white background sized 5cm x 5cm. make sure it is no older than 6 months. Men should make sure their head is uncovered while women shall take along a photograph in which their hairline and jawline are visible.
  • Current and previous (if any) passports.
  • Letter from employer confirming the length of job, job title, and salary. We have provided a Sample Introduction Letter for Visa Processing.
  • Bank certificate or bank statement holding data of past 6 months. (Although it is not stated anywhere I personally believe that you should maintain at least a $10,000 minimum balance over a period of 6 months).

Arrival at the US Embassy

Appointments are catered for daytime only. The following guidelines will be useful for you:

  • Arrive half an hour earlier than the scheduled time.
  • Do not carry your mobile phone along with you.
  • Bags and purses are not allowed.
  • Do not carry any sort of electronic gadget.
  • Keep away all your valuables in the car or at home; do not bring them along with you!

U.S Visa Interview

Your documents will be briefly looked and you shall be asked certain questions. Given below are certain standard questions. It is very important to prepare yourself for these questions.

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