Procedure to Apply SWORN Affidavit for the Issue of Child’s Passport in India

Mr. Mohammed has shared with us the procedure to apply for the Sworn Affidavit from Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia.  This certificate is required if you want to apply for the passport of a child but one or both of his/her parents are abroad.

Mr. Mohammed: In India, if I want to apply passport for my children, normally both the parents to be present in India. Otherwise, the person who abroad needs to get a certificate named “SWORN AFFIDAVIT” from the office named VFS Global (passport and visa application center).

You will also have to attach a passport size picture on it. Make sure that the information you have entered is correct and accurate. Incorrect information may lead to rejection of the application. Following documents must also be attached with the application

  1. Filled up form AFF1 (check on embassy website) and a copy of it.
  2. Copy of your kid’s birth certificate.
  3. your Iqama copy (only front) (Also take original with you)
  4. copies of father’s passport (both sides) (Also take original with you)
  5. copy of mother’s passport (both sides)

You need to be at their office in time. I have given the GPS Coordinates below. You will have to take a token from there. Normally people come for renewing a passport, adding wife’s name, etc. at very early morning and will be in the queue like 6 to 7 am.

The fee for affidavit (as of today, 2nd Jan 2016) is SAR 63 per child. Please take the exact change with you to avoid last moment rush. I had a SAR 500 note and I had to go out and do some shopping to get change. The staff at embassy does not give you change and they don’t like it if you don’t give them exact change.

They will make a stamp in the form which you gave them (just they are confirming that you are in abroad and this is your signature).

Send this original form to your home country India. Your wife can go to the passport department and submit this form while applying passport for your child.

You can download the form from the below link.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.