Procedure to Apply for the Pakistani Passport of Newly Born Child in Saudi Arabia

In order to apply for the Iqama of the newly born baby, you have to go through a certain procedure. One step of this procedure is to get the Passport of your newly born baby from Pakistan Embassy or Pakistan Consulate.

One of our readers has shared his experience of applying for the Pakistani Passport from Pakistan Embassy for his newly born son. We have uploaded it here so that expatriates coming from Pakistan can be benefited from this. Here we will provide step by step procedure you need to follow to get Pakistani passport for your newly born child.

Birth Certificate: After the delivery of your child, the first thing to do is to apply for the birth certificate of your newly born child. We have explained the procedure in detail. Recommended: Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Attestation from the MOFA: The birth certificate issued by Ahwal-e-Madni or Civil Affairs needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia

NICOP: In the next step, you will have to apply for the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) of your child. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for NICOP of Newly Born Child from NADRA

Appointment with Pakistan Embassy: Make sure you Book an Appointment with Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh or Appointment with Pakistan Consulate in Jeddah one week after the date when you are going to receive NICOP of your child.

Required Documents: You need to go to the Pakistan Embassy or Pakistan Consulate along with following documents;

  • NICOP of Newly Born Child along with Photocopies
  • Original NICOP of Parents along with Photocopies
  • Photocopies of the Passports of Parents
  • Photocopies of Iqamas of Parents
  • Print of Appointment booked in the above step

Visit the Embassy or Consulate: Make sure you reach the embassy on time; they will issue you another token to go inside. You will have to deposit fee for the passport of your newly born child upon your turn. They will issue the passport with the validity of only 5 years for children. You will have to pay the fee according to the following fee schedule;

Ordinary5 Years36 PagesSR 135
Ordinary5 Years72 PagesSR 245
Ordinary5 Years100 PagesSR 270
Urgent5 Years36 PagesSR 225
Urgent5 Years72 PagesSR 400
Urgent5 Years100 PagesSR 535

The Photograph of the baby will be captured after that, and you will be asked to proceed directly to the data entry section skipping the biometric section as baby biometrics are not recorded.
The data entry was completed after asking some questions regarding name, address, etc. and a draft form was printed for me to review and if correct you may proceed to the manager for submission.
After submission of the form, I opted to deliver of my passport to Dammam, which was done by going to the courier section and paying a fee of SAR 35.
All the above process took less than 30mins, which was surprising for me and all staff was very helpful and professional. In the end, don't forget your phone which you deposit at the main counter.

Once you have received the passport, you will have to apply for the Iqama of your newly born child. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia

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