How to apply NICOP for newborn in Saudi Arabia?

To get a Pakistani passport for the newborn baby, you must apply/renew the NICOP online or manually through NADRA, Saudi Arabia.

  • NICOP stands for National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis.

Required Documents for NICOP for a newborn

  1. Original Birth Certificate of Newborn.
  2. Birth Certificate translation attested by the Pakistan Embassy.
  3. Original Passport of Parents along with Photocopies.
  4. Original NICOP of parents along with Photocopies.
  5. Iqama copies of parents.
  6. Newborn baby picture (if applying online).

Required Documents for NICOP for a newborn

Pakistani ID card fee in Saudi Arabia

The fee for a new Pakistani ID Card (NICOP) in Saudi Arabia is;

  • SR 150 for Urgent NICOP – delivered in 30 days.
  • SR 182 for Executive NICOP – delivered in 15 days.

pakistani id card fee in saudi arabia

Manual Procedure for NICOP

NADRA Appointment

Although NADRA offices are not too crowded these days, still you should consider taking a NADRA appointment to apply for the NICOP of a newborn.

Visit NADRA Office

Visit the NADRA office at your appointment, along with the above-mentioned documents.

Step-by-step procedure;

  1. Pay the fee for the NICOP of the newborn baby in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The second window will take the picture of the newborn.
  3. You don’t need to visit the Biometrics window, as biometrics is unnecessary for children below 15.
  4. After the picture, you will have to visit the Data Entry Window. After entering the details, they will print a form for you and ask you to sign it.
  5. Submit copies of the required documents and the signed form to them.
  6. They will prepare a file and ask you to visit a designated officer. The officer might ask you a few questions and then sign the form.

Apply for for NICOPCollection of NICOP

You are done applying for the NICOP of a newborn baby in Saudi Arabia. You must visit them on the date mentioned on your token to collect the NICOP.

  • NICOP Collection Time: 8 am to 3 pm.

Collection of NICOP

Online NICOP Procedure

To apply for the NICOP for the newborn baby online;

  • Create your ID on
  • Select NICOP and provide answers to the required questions.
  • Upload all the required documents (listed above).
  • References can be your mother, father, or other relatives/friends.
  • Submit your application.
  • Pay the fee for the NICOP through a credit card.

Delivery of NICOP

  • After approx 5 to 7 days, your application status will change.
  • NICOP will be delivered to your home address in Pak or can also be requested to be delivered to KSA (With some extra cost)

Apply for the Passport

You can apply for the Passport of a newly born child with the Pakistan Embassy after 3,4 days of applying for the NICOP through the manual process.

If you have applied for it online, call the NADRA helpline after seven days to get the NICOP number of the baby and proceed with the passport process.

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