Procedure to Apply for Brazil Tourist Visa from Saudi Arabia

Brazil is a South American country which is rich with beautiful sights, friendly people and utmost security for the tourists. Tourism is growing in Brazil rapidly as there are around 7 million people who visit Brazil for tourism purpose every year. If you are intending to do the same, we are bringing the procedure to apply for Brazil tourist visa from Saudi Arabia.

Visa Free Access and On Arrival Visa to Brazil are available to many nationalities. You should check at the bottom of the article if your country is eligible to get an on arrival visa or visa-free access to Brazil. If your country is not on the below list, you have to follow the below-mentioned Procedure to Apply for Brazilian Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia.[irp]

Now you need to fill an application form for the Brazilian visa of Saudi Arabia. The application can be filled through this link. You need to fill the application online, upload all the documents required and submit the form online. You are required to print the receipt.

Required Documents to Apply for Brazilian Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia

You need to bring One (1) recent photo 3×4 cm, front view, white background. Make sure that your head, face, and ears are visible. Do not staple the photo; glue it, if possible

Passport: Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the intended date of travel. Moreover, there should be at least 2 blank pages in your passport for visa stamping.

Copy of the Passport: Bring a copy of all the identification pages of the passport along. Identification pages mean first 2,3 pages.

Copy of Saudi Visa: If Saudi Visa has been stamped on your passport, you need to bring a copy of the visa as well. If you are born in Saudi Arabia or got an on-arrival visa, there is no need to bring the copy of the visa.

Copy of Iqama

Exit Re-Entry visa covering the period of travel mentioned on the application form

Invitation Letter: If you are going for a business tour, you need to get an Invitation Letter from the company you are going to visit. This letter of invitation should explicitly state the name of the person who will bear the cost of traveling and accommodation in Brazil.

Introduction Letter: You also need to get a letter from your sponsor in Saudi Arabia addressed to Brazilian Consulate or Brazilian Embassy as the case may be, stating your full salary and designation in the company. This letter needs to be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Sample Introduction Letter for Visa Processing in Saudi Arabia

Confirming Hotel Bookings covering your stay in Brazil. The booking made through is considered confirmed by the Brazilian authorities.

If you are staying at some relative or friend’s place, you need to get this form filled and signed by him.

Bank Statement: It is important to attach the bank statement of previous 3 months irrespective of the case you are going there for a recreational purpose or business tour. If the balance of your bank statement is USD 20,000 maintained throughout the period of 3 months, you are more likely to be accepted for a Brazilian visa.

Confirmed booking of Airline ticket – Many people attach only booking without confirmation (Payment) which is canceled after a couple of days. At the time, when officials check your booking, they don’t find it which can become the cause of rejection of your visa.

Fee for the Brazilian Tourist Visa: Cost of applying for the Brazilian visa from Saudi Arabia is SR 540 for Australian Citizens, SR 247 for UAE citizens, SR 720 for U.S. Citizens, SR 698 for the UK citizens and SR 360 for all other nationalities.

Brazilian Embassy does not accept cash payment. You need to transfer the money to the following SAMBA Bank account. Account number 1908189, IBAN-SA76400000000000

Interview for the Brazilian Tourist Visa: The officer may ask for some additional documentation to process the visa or require to appear in an interview with the consular.

Time Duration: It takes up to 45 days to process the visa application. It is important to plan your schedule accordingly.

European Union El Salvador Monaco Singapore
Albania Fiji5 Mongolia South Africa
AndorraT Georgia Montenegro South Korea
Antigua and Barbuda Grenada Morocco Sovereign Military Order of Malta
ArgentinaID GuatemalaT New Zealand Suriname
Armenia Guyana NamibiaT Switzerland
BahamasT Honduras Norway Thailand
BarbadosT Hong Kong PanamaT Trinidad and Tobago
Belarus Iceland ParaguayID Tunisia
Belize Israel PeruID Turkey
BoliviaID Jamaica Philippines Ukraine
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kazakhstan Russia UruguayID
ChileID LiechtensteinT Saint Kitts and Nevis Vatican City
ColombiaID Macau Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VenezuelaID
Costa Rica Macedonia San Marino
Dominica MalaysiaT Serbia
EcuadorID Mexico Seychelles

Source for the above table: Ministry of External Relations Brazil

Source: Ministry of Brazil, Riyadh

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