Procedure to add a Second Name of Child on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

First Name: One of the problems which all of us have to face at the time of delivery of our children in Saudi Arabia is to give him a name. As per Saudi Law, Hospitals just ask you to write the first name on the application to apply for the Birth Notification.

This birth notification issued by the Ministry of Health and received from the Hospital where your child got birth is subsequently used to apply for the Birth Certificate of your child.

We have explained the procedure in detail in this link “Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia”. Ultimately, the first name is printed on the Birth Certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior as well.

When you go to apply for the National Identity Card of your child to your Embassy, try to request them to add a second name with the name of your child. Generally, they don’t change the name in their records.

If they don't add a second name, they will issue your card according to the name mentioned on the birth certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for NICOP of Newly Born Child from NADRA

How to add a second name? As soon as you received your baby's first NICOP, you apply for the modified one (Modification in name or address) before that you need to produce one affidavit that your baby's name going to change from the FIRST name to FIRST and LAST name (means two or three names)

You can have that affidavit may be in 10/20 Riyal from the agents sitting in front of PAK embassy. Once you have received the second NICOP with the modified name, you can apply for the Passport of your child. In this way, you will have 2, 3 names on the passport as per your requirement. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for the Pakistani Passport of Newly Born Child in Saudi Arabia

Once the passport is issued with modified names, you can apply for the Iqama of your newly born child. Recommend: Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia

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