How to get a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

Getting a final exit visa from KSA Arabia is not that difficult if you know the rules as per the labor law of Saudi Arabia and fulfill all the requirements. In this article, we have explained the procedure and addressed questions such as how long can you stay in Saudi Arabia after stamping the final exit visa.

If your employer has already processed your final exit visa and you want to cancel it, please refer to this article. “Procedure to Cancel Final Exit Visa


  1. Dependent’s Fee

If any of your dependents (wife, children) are living in Saudi Arabia, you need to pay the dependent’s fee for 2 months beyond the date you are applying for the final exit visa as the validity of the final exit visa is 60 days.

Let’s say, you are applying for a final exit visa on the 1st of March, you need to pay the fee till the 30th April. I would recommend paying the fee to the 5th of May to be on the safe side. How to pay the dependent fee in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Resignation with Notice Period

You need to give notice to your employer for the number of days mentioned in your contract for the processing of your Final Exit visa from KSA. If your contract is silent about it, you should give a notice period of 30 days as per the rules of Saudi Labor Law to get a final exit visa.

We have detailed the rules regarding Notice Period under Saudi Labor Law in this link. Keep in mind; you have your End of Service Benefits with the employer so the entire process to get the final exit visa from KSA should be processed very smoothly.

  1. Traffic Fines & Tickets

If you have any unpaid traffic fines or tickets under your name, your final exit visa cannot be processed in KSA. You can check the unpaid traffic violations under your name online through this link. Keep in mind that paying all the traffic fines is the prerequisite of getting a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Sell Your Car

When you have decided to go on final exit from Saudi Arabia, it is better to place an advertisement along with the pictures of the car and your intended selling price on Soon, you will be receiving offers from the buyers; you can show them your vehicle at your ease. 

Keep in mind that if you have a car under your name in KSA, you would not be able to get a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia. 

If you don’t get a serious buyer, now it is the time to visit Haraj for a couple of days and get a good offer for the vehicle. Ownership transfer takes only one day so you don’t need to be worried about it.

  1. Get Police Clearance Certificate

One of the mistakes people do when they decide to leave Saudi Arabia permanently on a final exit visa is “not getting the police clearance certificate” from the Police Department.

I would suggest you not to repeat this mistake. I have explained the procedure of getting a police clearance certificate during your stay in Saudi Arabia in this article.


  1. Evacuation of House

You have to give at least 30 days’ notice to the landlord before leaving the house. As you can stay for 60 days in Saudi Arabia after the stamping of the final exit visa, you can inform your landlord once it is issued.

Normally house rent is paid in advance for 3 to 6 months in KSA. If you have paid the advance for the months you will not be living in Saudi Arabia after the final exit, you should search for a tenant yourself.  Introduce him with the landlord and take the remainder of the rent from him. It is almost second to impossible to get back advance money from your current landlord. When you are searching for another tenant for the landlord, you should search for a buyer who can purchase all your belongings as well.

Obviously, you cannot get the same price from which you purchased it but it is still better to realize every single Ryal which you can. Rights of Apartment Tenants can be a good read for you.

  1. Disconnect Landline and Other Post-Paid SIM Cards

If you have any landline connection at your home under your name installed by STC or Mobily, you should deactivate the connection before leaving the country on the final exit visa.

Although their system is not connected with the Absher, MOI or Jawazat and this connection will not have any negative impact in the process of getting a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia, it is better to pay all the bills you have consumed. If you don't pay off your dues, you may face issues in coming back to Saudi Arabia after final exit visa.

Procedure for deactivation of STC landline is very simple nowadays. You just need to call from your landline to STC and request him to deactivate your service on a permanent basis. He will ask you to pay a certain due amount and confirm that if payment is made, service will be deactivated within 7 days.

You can check the phone numbers registered under your Iqama from this link. Keep sufficient balance in your prepaid SIM card before going to the Airport for the final exit. This will be your only source of communication in case of any problem.

  1. Pay off Electricity Bill

Electricity charges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not too much. On average, one house receives around SR 150 – 200 electricity bill. It is better to pay it off before your final exit from KSA. “How to Check Electricity Bill Online?

  1. Loans and Credit Card Bills

It is very important that you pay off your loan and all the bills on the credit card and deactivate them before leaving Saudi Arabia on a final exit. Although the system of banks is not connected with the Jawazat, MOI or Absher and the unpaid amount of bill cannot stop you from getting the final exit visa, it is better to pay off.

However, if a bank has lodged a legal complaint or registered a legal case against you for the unpaid amount, you would not be able to get the final exit. Even if the final exit is issued and your bank registers a legal case, you would not be allowed to leave the country through immigration. Recommended: Can I get a final exit with a bank loan?

Moreover, if you don't pay off your dues, you may face issues in coming back to Saudi Arabia after the final exit visa.

  • Send the Important Belongings through Cargo

Before leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on final exit, it is better to send all your important belongings through the Cargo service to your homeland. They will charge you around SR 3-5 per KG for the cargo through Sea.

If you are living in Jeddah, you can find such Cargo service provider in Balad. They will deliver the goods to your doorstep. Charges of air cargo are more than that which range to SR 8-10 per KG. If you are living in Riyadh, follow this link “Cargo Service from Riyadh

  • End of Service Benefits

End of Service Benefits will be paid to you after processing the final exit visa from Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that getting a final exit visa does not deprive you of any of your rights and therefore, you should get your end of service benefits as per the rules of Saudi Labor Law.

Now you need to decide if you will remit all your money through banking channel or carry some of it in cash. It is better to think before remitting your End of Service Benefits to your native country.  You must have analyzed that the exchange rate used by the banks is lesser than the exchange rate you can get if exchanged in your native country.

If the law and order situation is good in your country, you can carry this money in cash and get a better exchange rate. What is the maximum amount of money you can carry from Saudi Arabia? Read into this link.

You should not be involved in any wrong activity at this point in time. If your family is going before your departure, you can hand over some amount to them and ask them to keep it safe in the bank account in your native country.

  • How long can I stay in Saudi Arabia after stamping the final exit visa?

Once the final exit visa is issued, you have to travel within the validity of the final exit visa. Keep in mind that the validity of your Iqama is not more applicable now, you can stay for 60 days in Saudi Arabia after the stamping of the final exit visa.

Please do not overstay otherwise you will be caught at the airport and will be detained for several months. Always book the ticket for your final departure when you are sure that the amount has been transferred.

  • Stamped Final Visa

According to new facilities, many companies do not give final exit visa paper to the employees. As a result, this paper is not stamped by the immigration authorities. At the time when you try to apply for a new visa, some agents ask for the paper.

Actually, these agents are not updated about the new procedures. Just ask them to process your case to the Saudi Embassy. Saudi Embassy can check online if you have exited from Saudi Arabia through Final Exit Visa.

Can I go exit with expired Iqama?

In order to leave Saudi Arabia, you need a valid Iqama. If your iqama has expired, you need to renew it before getting the final exit visa.

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