How to apply for local Hajj registration in 2020?

Saudi Arabia has launched an online local hajj registration application process for expats to apply and register for Hajj in KSA in 2020. The below-mentioned process is only for Non-Saudis who can apply for Hajj up to July 10, 2020.

Hajj Eligibility for 2020

As per rules, you can perform hajj once every 5 years. If you have performed Hajj in the preceding 5 years, your application will be rejected.

088 Procedure to check eligibility for Hajj through MOI 04

Apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia 2020

Open the website and;

  • change the language to English. 
  • Click on the “Register” button.

local hajj registration 2020

A new screen will open where you have to declare that

  • You don't have any chronic disease.
  • Your age is between 20-65 years.
  • You agree to home quarantine 14 days before and after the Hajj.

On the next screen, you need to write the following details;

  • Iqama number.
  • Date of birth as stated on the Iqama. 
  • Residence City.

The next screen will require you to enter your phone number. The system will send you a verification code to authenticate your identity.

After entering the verification code, the system will verify your information such as your age, medical status, and the last time you performed the Hajj. Meanwhile, your request status will show as “Pending Approval”.

The request is automatically canceled if the health or regulatory requirements are not completed, and in the event of a mismatch in the data provided, the Ministry is entitled to cancel the approval at any time.

Important Note: This is a preliminary submission and is not a final registration. Registration is not considered until the issuance of the final approval after ensuring that health and regulatory standards are met, and the result of the submission will be notified through a text message on my mobile phone.

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