Apply for Turkey visa as Saudi Iqama Holder

Applying for a Turkey visit visa from Saudi Arabia is quite simple, as the  Turkish visa requirements for Saudi Iqama holders are more straightforward.

Note: People who have a valid visa from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK, or Ireland, can apply for a Turkish e-visa.

Requirements for Turkish Visa

The following are the requirements to apply for a Turkey visa for a Saudi Iqama holder.

  1. Passport with 6 months validity + copy.
  2. Previously obtained Turkey, Schengen, UK, and USA visa copies (if any).
  3. Digital Iqama with 3 months validity + print.
  4. Exit re-entry visa covering the period of the trip.
  5. 2 photographs (5X5).
  6. Travel Insurance policy with $60,000 coverage (to be provided by VFS).
  7. Salary Certificate approved by the Chamber of Commerce.
  8. Bank Statement for the last 3 months. (explained below)
  9. Return flight ticket/reservation.
  10. Confirmed Hotel Booking.
  11. A print of the Saudi National Address.
  12. COVID-19 vaccine certificate from Sehaty.
  13. Marriage Certificate if applying with the family.
  14. School registration letter for the current academic year if applying with school-going children (given below 👇).
  15. Muqeem Paper.
  16. GOSI Certificate.
  17. Turkish Visa Checklist signed by the applicant.

School registration letter to Apply for a Turkey Visa

Bank Balance

There is no requirement for the minimum balance to be maintained in the bank statement to apply for a Turkey visa from Saudi Arabia. However, one should keep at least SR 10,000/applicant minimum balance for 3 months.

Schedule VFS Appointment

Once you have arranged all the required documents for the Turkey Visit Visa, you can take the VFS appointment. To do this,

  • Open:
  • Click on “Schedule an Appointment.”
  • Click on the Mouse link.
  • Register as a new user on the VFS website.
  • Fill out the entire form.
  • Pay the Turkey Visa fee.

VFS Appointment for Turkey Visa from Saudi Arabia

Pay the Turkey Visa fee.

You must pay the fee at the end of scheduling the appointment. Unfortunately, the visa fee Saudi Iqama holders must pay for a Turkey Visit Visa is way more than other countries. 

  • VFS Visa Processing Fee: SR 550.
  • Courier Charges: SR 115.
  • Travel Insurance fee: SR 225.
  • SMS Notification: SR 7.
  • Total Turkey Visa fee from Saudi Arabia: SR 897.

Visit VFS Office

All the applicants applying for Turkish visas from Saudi Arabia must visit the VFS office at the time of the appointment.

The VFS office will take your pictures and fingerprints and accept the applications.

Check Visa Stamping Status

You can check the Turkish visa stamping status through gateway globe passport tracking;

  • Open:
  • Enter the application Reference Number.
  • Outscan to Embassy: The passport is with the Embassy.
  • Outscan to Courier: Passport is dispatched to you.

Check Turkish Visa Stamping Status

Collection of Passports

The visa processing time for a Turkey visa from Saudi Arabia is around 30 days. You will receive your passports and Turkey’s stamped visa at your address. 

Turkish Visa Validity

  • Turkish Visa Validity: 90 days.
  • Duration of Stay: 30 days.

After stamping a Turkish visa on your passport, you can travel within 90 days. The duration of stay on one trip would be 30 days.

Refund money for rejected visa

If the Turkish Embassy rejects your visa, you can claim a refund of the fee paid. Just download the below form and submit it to the same VFS office. The refund process will take 1-2 months.

Refund money for rejected Turkey visa from Saudi Arabia

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