PRNEWS.IO presents Multilingual Marketplace on iFX

PRNEWS.IO is a leading European platform that enables various businesses and brands to publish their news and press releases in major media outlets worldwide. At present, the platform consolidates the largest choice of sponsored content opportunities. This makes it a unique, essential, and, with no understatement, irreplaceable tool for companies seeking to increase their global presence and brand visibility and expand their audience.

On the 16th of January, PRNEWS.IO presents its multilingual marketplace for branded content on iFX Expo, the premier financial industry trade show and conference. The company added 10 new languages to the platform. 

This expansion into a multilingual platform responds to the increasing demand for accessible and accurate information in a globalised world. “The presentation at iFX Expo is a major milestone for PRNEWS.IO,” said Alexander Storozhuk, the founder of PRNEWS.IO. “We are committed to making accurate and reliable information accessible to everyone. This expansion allows us to reach a truly global audience. Now customers from Brazil or Mexico can buy articles in Arabic media in a convenient way. We invite everyone interested to visit our stand at the iFX Expo to learn more about our platform and receive a free master class on using it effectively.”

PRNEWS.IO resolves all issues regarding financial logistics, translation, and media planning issues. It also determines other analytics features that enable checking the media statistics to measure the ROI of PR efforts. Overall, the platform helps financial companies evaluate the effectiveness of their PR campaigns and make informed decisions about how to optimise their PR efforts in the future.

The marketplace’s team will be available for meetings at the iFX Expo in Dubai on January 16-18, 2023.

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