How to print exit re-entry visa from Absher?

You can check and take a print exit re-entry visa for your dependents through Absher Account and for yourself through the Jawazat website (explained below). Here is the procedure;

Do we need a print?

  • Do we need a print of the re-entry visa while exiting KSA? NO
  • Do immigration authorities outside KSA need the print of exit re-entry? YES

That’s why make sure to keep one hard or soft copy of the visa with you while traveling out of Saudi Arabia.

Print exit re-entry visa for Dependents

In order to check or print the re-entry visa for your dependents through Absher;

  • Log in to your Absher account
  • Click on the “Services” tab under Family Members.
  • Select “Visa Services” from the given options.
  • Click on the “Next” button.

On the next screen, locate the dependent and click “More Details”.

A drop-down information tab will appear with the option to print a visa. Click on the “Print Visa” button.

print exit reentry visa with Absher

Finally, the exit re-entry visa of the selected dependent will appear on your screen, and you can take a print of it now. 

Check exit re-entry visa status through Muqeem

If you cannot access the Absher account, you can also check the exit re-entry visa status for yourself or your dependents and later print it. To do that;

  • Open the website
  • Check Using: Iqama Number.
  • Crossmatch by: Select any of the following;
    • Visa Number. 
    • Passport Number. 
    • Date of Birth.
    • Iqama Expiry Date. 
    • Visa Expiry Date.

check exit re-entry visa statusOn the next page, you would be able to check all the details of the exit reentry visa without accessing your Absher. You can simply take a screenshot or print this page to show it to an immigration officer. 

print exit re-entry visa through Muqeem

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