Prices for 6 Categories of Hajj fixed for the year 2017

The Ministry of Umrah and Hajj has just recently approved new prices for all of the categories of the Hajj packages for the local pilgrims who wish to perform pilgrimage in the shortly upcoming Hajj season. The minimum cost for the local pilgrims has been set at SAR 3,000. This news was reported by the daily Makkah news on Sunday. The report also stated that the allocation of the residential areas as well as tents for the local pilgrims in all of the categories will commence from Monday and they will continue on right up till Wednesday. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has also stated that all of those service providers or groups that are organizing Hajj groups for pilgrimage, may charge extra money for any additional services that they may have provided to their respective Hajj group, which has not been listed or included in their official service list.[irp]

The Ministry has also stated that they will be allotting each campaign with a plot measuring 48 square meters, which will be allotted to them free of charge, so that they may set up their corporate office as well as a service area for pilgrims and customers as well as a medical clinic for those who may need medical assistance. The minimum cost for the local pilgrims has been set at SAR 3,000.

1-The priced for the first category of the general program has been proposed to be ranging from between SR 7,546 up to SR 8,146.

2-For the second category of the general program, the price range has been set between SAR 7,295 to SAR 7,895.

3-For the third category, the prices have been set to a range between SAR 5,893 to SAR 6,493.

4-The prices for the towers category i.e. all the pilgrims who are going to be accommodated in the buildings located in Mina will be at SAR 11,890.

5-The price range for the low-cost Hajj package will be kept between SAR 3,282 and SAR 4,132

6-Whereas the cost of the Easy Hajj also known as Muyassar Hajj will be charged at SAR 3,000.

Each and every year millions of pilgrims make their way to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the major and minor pilgrimages known as Hajj and Umrah respectively. The pricing methods and price range of performing the Hajj pilgrimage are vital as most people put up all their savings and belongings to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. 

Low minimal cost of Hajj and a set price range to be followed by Hajj travel groups and pilgrimage service providers will allow the maximum number of people who are able and willing to perform hajj both physically and financially can do so, without having to spend all of their savings or having to sell off all their possessions.[irp]

This move will also allow the pilgrims to be aware of what services they will be provided with the money that they have paid to the travel group or service provider, hence allowing them to not be overcharged or duped in to paying for something that they have already paid for.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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