Power of Attorney for Death Compensation Cases

This is one of the most important topics that a foreigner before coming to Saudi Arabia should be aware of and so should the family, friends or relatives of that specific foreigner. It is terrible and sad to see how the policies in Saudi Arabia work where the family or friend of the departed foreigner has to run and file so many documents to get insurance and other advantages.[irp]

A document known as the Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document which is necessary to be signed by every single beneficiary of the departed person after which the process to claim the compensation from the insurance companies or sponsorships becomes easier. There is a typical POA form that has to be filled and each word in the form should be read with extra care and attention. Initials are strictly not allowed in the POA, neither are short forms of any kind. The compensation can be passed on to anyone by the family of the departed soul.

In most cases, friends of the departed person tend to help the family by getting into this process but often end up getting their own self-dug in a hole of trouble. This is probably because firstly they are not aware of the process and secondly, they do not have enough time to go to the court every time there is a court session taking place. They can’t take days off from their work so easily and tend to miss out on the important court sessions which could be very troublesome.  It is always better for an embassy to get this procedure done as they speak fluent Arabic and are well understood about the regulations of Saudi.  The POA’s format has been written by the Ministry of Justice from Saudi’s government below. Here it is:

Name: _____________________________

Age: _________________________________

Relationship with the deceased person: _____________________








all residing at ______________________________________________(full address), being the legal heirs of late hereby appoint and retain Mr./Mrs./MS _____________________________ (Name of deceased), who died in Saudi Arabia do hereby  appoint and retain Mr. ____________________________ (name &nationality)/ the Consul General of India in Jeddah with the powers  to nominate any of the officers of the Consulate (strike out which is not applicable), as our lawfully constituted attorney to do the following acts:-

i).             To file a claim and pursue the case to receive on our behalf the death compensation (Blood money), salary dues and any other amounts due to the deceased Mr./Mrs/Ms. _______________________ and pass on the same to us.

ii).           We agree and undertake to ratify and confirm whatever our attorney may lawfully do by the powers hereby given.

iii).           The minor children mentioned above at Sl. No. are under the care of Mr./Mrs. _____________________ (relationship with the minors to be mentioned) who is the legal guardian and has signed on their behalf.


  1. (Name & Signature or thumb impression)



In witness we have executed this Power of Attorney on ____________________, (day & date) in the present of.





This POA is executed in my office on _____________________, (day & date) vide Sl. No.  _________ in the register kept at my office. (To be filled by Notary official).


i).               This document should be executed on Stamp Paper in this presence of Notary Advocate or any other competent judicial authorities.  Notary or relevant authority should mention the date and Serial number of the document.    


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