How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia?

In order to apply for the police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a lengthy procedure which is explained below. There are 3 ways to get the criminal clearance certificate in KSA;

  • Online Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Manual Police Clearance Certificate during the stay in KSA.
  • Saudi Police clearance certificate after the final exit.

Online Police clearance certificate

Any company with an active Elm system can request the Police Clearance Certificate of any individual who has an active Absher account;

Step 1: GRO will log in to the Elm system and under the AMN section he will raise a request for the police clearance certificate with the;

  • Individual Iqama Number.
  • Mobile Number registered with Absher.

Step 2: A text message will be sent to the individual for approving or rejecting this request.

Step 3: The individual will log in to the Absher account and;

  • Click on “My Services.”
  • Select “General Services.”
  • Click on “Qabul.”

Online Police clearance certificate

  • Click on “View pending requests.”
  • View the request by clicking on “Details.”
  • Confirm the request.

Online Police clearance certificate

Step 4: The individual will receive a confirmation via text message from AMN [this may take a while].

Step 5: The company can print/save the Police Clearance Certificate online.


  • The online Police Clearance Certificate can be issued only to those with an Absher account.
  • Dependents will have to follow the procedure explained below.

PCC during the stay in KSA


  1. Copy of valid Iqama of the Applicant.
  2. Copy of valid passport of the Applicant.
  3. One (1) colored photo with white background.
  4. Original Letter of Endorsement issued by the embassy and duly attested by the MOFA.

Letter of Endorsement / Authority Letter

To get the letter of endorsement/authority letter for the police clearance certificate from your embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia, submit the following documents for each applicant;

Once you get the authority letter, make a MOFA appointment, and visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its attestation. There is no need to translate the endorsement letter.

Letter of Endorsement for police clearance certificate

Visit the police station

Appointment: Now, make an appointment with the police to apply for the police clearance certificate. The locations of the police station where you can visit are;

Visit: All applicants must visit the Department of criminal evidence at the police station and submit all the above documents.

  • The police officer will take fingerprints.

Collection: The applicant needs to visit the same police station to collect the PCC on the prescribed date, along with the acknowledgment receipt. Usually, it takes;

  • One week for dependents.
  • Two weeks for employees.

If the applicant loses the acknowledgment receipt, a letter must be submitted to the police station regarding the loss. Upon successful identity check, a new acknowledgment receipt is issued. Upon signing the confirmation, the criminal record certificate will be released.

police clearance certificate saudi arabiaSteps after receiving the PCC

After collecting the Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia, you need to;

  • Attest it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs i.e. MOFA Attestation.
  • Have the Police Clearance translated into English.
  • Take the attested PCC and the translation copy to your embassy for the attestation of translation (optional).

Saudi PCC after the final exit

If you have left Saudi Arabia on a final exit, you can still apply for a police clearance certificate. Your authorized representative needs to submit the following documents to your country’s embassy/consulate.

  1. A request letter by the applicant to the consulate/embassy stating the purpose of getting the police clearance certificate.
  2. Original Local Police Clearance Certificate with fingerprints issued from the place of the current residence duly attested by the Saudi Embassy of the issuing country + Arabic translation.
  3. Original Power of Attorney authorizing your representative to process your police clearance certificate from Saudi Arabia.
  4. Copy of previous passport/s showing date of entry and exit.
  5. Copy of Saudi Iqama.
  6. Two recent photographs with a white background.
  7. Copy of Employment Certificate during the period of stay.

Original Local Police Clearance Certificate with fingerprintsMOFA Approval: Upon submission, your country’s embassy/consulate will obtain approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Note Verbale.

Submission to the Police Station: After this, your authorized representative will make an appointment with the police and submit all the above-mentioned documents along with the MOFA approval.

Collection: The authorized representative can visit the same police station and collect the police clearance certificate on the prescribed date.

Validity of the PCC

Although 30 days validity of the Police Clearnace Certificate is written on its face but in reality, it is valid for the life time. Actually, it tells the authorities that you do not have any criminal record prior to the date of issue.

Therefore, taking the PCC in the last 2 months of your stay in Saudi Arabia is better.

In this way, the authorities where you are going to submit this letter can reconcile the dates when you left the country with the police clearance certificate and there will be no issue.

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