PM Imran Khan calls for chemical castration of a rapist

The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a full-fledged crackdown on sex offenders in the country.

Talking to a local news channel, he said the rapists should either be hanged publicly or given the punishment of chemical castration to curb the rising sexual violence in the country.

What is the chemical castration of a rapist?

The surgical castration involves the loss of testicles of a rapist while chemical castration kills the sexual urge and arousal. There are at least 3 countries where this punishment is enacted.

  1. Indonesia.
  2. The Czech Republic.
  3. Ukraine.

Rape incident of a woman at Lahore motorway

Recently this month an incident of a gang rape of a married woman was reported. The incident happened on a motorway near Lahore.

The woman was driving in her car with her three children when she went out of petrol. The sex offenders robbed her and raped her in front of her children. This thing shocked the whole nation that prompted protests all across the country.

The incident provoked the whole nation and they demanded strict punishment for the offenders. This led the government to look into this matter and provide severe punishments to the rapist. During the cabinet meeting, Khan proposed the public hanging of the rapist that was endorsed by the cabinet members.

Public hanging and international Opposition

However, During his interview with a news channel, Khan said, “Public hanging might be opposed internationally as it would negate the European Union GSP + status for the country. He said if it would happen then the other option is chemically or surgically castrating the rapist.

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