8 tourist places to visit in Al Kharj

Although there are not many tourist places to visit in Al Kharj, usually people from Riyadh want to explore this city on a weekend. Al Kharj is only 100 km away from Riyadh.

Ayun Seeh – عيون السيح

Ayun See, or the eyes of Seeh, are two long, deep holes nearly 500 meters apart. Ayun Seeh is a trademark of Kharj, so tourists love to visit this place.

It is reported that these two holes were formed by meteor showers thousands of years ago and later were filled with water. For many years, the water within these wells was used for irrigation purposes but now they are completely dried and empty.

Ayun Seeh - tourist place to visit in Al Kharj

Al Kharj Park Zoo

Although Al Kharj Park Zoo is a small zoo, still you can get to see wild animals like Lion, tigers, Leopard, bears, monkeys, and some birds like eagles, vultures, ducks, and Flamingo, etc.

There is a huge variety of rides for kids. The lawns are green and well maintained. All the rides and walls are newly painted. Therefore, tourists who visit Al Kharj with children love to visit this place.

Park Zoo - tourist place to visit in Al Kharj

Al Kharj Water Tower

You will always find the pictures of Al Kharj Water Tower whenever an article, blog, or vlog is discussing anything about Al Kharj. Although there is nothing much to do there, you can visit Al Kharj Water Tower in the evening and spend some time in the associated park.

There used to be a revolving restaurant within the tower but people have reported that it has been discontinued.

Water Tower - tourist place to visit in Al Kharj

Al-Baijan Amusement Park

Al-Baijan Amusement Park is perhaps the only amusement park in Al Kharj which your children would love to visit. The good thing is that the water rides start from as low as SR 5 but most of the rides are for SR 10. 

Al-Baijan Amusement ParkJaw Mall

If you are in the mood of shopping, drive straight to Jaw Mall in Al Kharj. Although some blogs would suggest you visiting Hodathi mall it is too old with almost no mainstream brand. At Jaw Mall, you can find Hyper Panda, Day n Day, Max, and lots of Arabic shops.

Jaw Mall in Al Kharj

King Salman Walkway

After eating your dinner, you can visit the place called King Salman Walkway in Al Kharj where you cal walk around while your children can ride a bicycle. There is nothing much to do here.

King Salman Walkway in Al Kharj

Almarai Dairy Farm

Who does not use Almarai products in Saudi Arabia? In case you are interested to visit Almarai Dairy Farm, you can do so by booking a trip.

Al Safi Dairy Farm

The world’s largest integrated Al Safi dairy farm is one of the most attractive sights for tourists to visit in Al Kharj. The trip to the farm takes 1 and a half hours of traveling from Riyadh to the side area of Al Kharj. 

Al Safi Dairy Farm - places to visit in Al Kharj

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