What is PIA baggage allowance for Saudi Arabia?

Passengers who travel through PIA want to know about its baggage allowance or weight limit for Saudi Arabia.

  • PIA = Pakistan International Airlines.

Baggage allowance – KSA to Pak

The PIA baggage allowance for flights operating from Saudi Arabia to  Pakistan is the following;

  • Economy Class: 30 Kg per ticket.
  • Executive Economy: 46 kg per ticket.

The passengers are allowed to carry one ZamZam water bottle free of charge, which means that it will not count toward the baggage allowance.

pia baggage allowance 40kg


Baggage allowance – Pak to KSA

The baggage allowance for PIA flights operating from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia is a bit lower. Many people think that PIA allows the same weight in inbound and outbound flights, but this is not the case. 

  • Economy: 20 Kg/ticket.
  • Executive Economy: 46 Kg/ticket.

Read the ticket allowance carefully printed on the ticket to avoid any trouble at the airport. I had to offload 10kg once while traveling from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia on PIA.

PIA extra baggage charges per kg

The cost of extra baggage varies from destination to destination. In case you need extra baggage from PIA, you can pre-book it from this link and pay as low a charge as SR 11/kg.

However, in case you want to pay it over the counter, the PIA staff will charge you SR 40/kg for extra baggage. 

pia extra baggage charges per kg

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