Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Saudi Arabia

It is believed that the pharmaceutical industry is the backbone of the country: it helps to ensure the health of its citizens. Like many other countries of the world, Saudi Arabia gives due importance to this industry. This has also made the pharmaceutical industry among the top ten highest-paid industries of the kingdom.

This article is for those who are keen to undertake a career in the medical industry. Also, those who wish to consume reliable medicines shall choose medicines belonging to these industries. We have listed down the top ten pharmaceutical industries in KSA:

  1. Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO)

Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) is one of the largest pharmaceutical industries of Saudi Arabia. It has the second-largest shares in the Saudi market of pharmacy. The company has been rated first among the leading pharmaceutical industries of the Kingdom.

  1. Tabuk Pharmaceuticals

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals which has now emerged as a global pharmacy brand tends to offer quality medicines. Tabuk has a global distribution of its products and has vast distribution channels. It is a renowned medical brand in the Middle East. It has large shares in the Saudi market of Pharmacy.

  1. Jamjoom Pharma

Jamjoom Pharma, which is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical industries of the Kingdom is being distributed all over the Middle East. It has grown in less time and has been ranked at the 3rd position of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Tamer Group

Tamer Group is recognized as the largest supplying pharmaceutical company of the Kingdom. The company is responsive towards the healthcare products that are being demanded in the Kingdom and the Middle East.

  1. Saudi Centre Group (SCG)

SCG is working in producing high-quality products. It has a great sales team which is efficiently increasing the sales in the market. Today its remarkable production, marketing, and sakes have allowed it to stand at the 5th position.

  1. Riyadh Pharma

Riyadh Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical industry as it is contributing a lot to medical research. The company is conducting quality research and services in the field of medicine.

  1. Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries

Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries is a research-based pharma industry that is producing and distributing its quality products within the kingdom and outside the kingdom.

  1. DEEF Pharmaceutical Industries Company Limited

DEEF Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd is known best for its minerals and multivitamins. It has a vast distribution channel that outstretches kingdom.

  1. Saudi International Trading Company Ltd (SITCO) Pharma

Ranking at 9th we have SITCO Pharma. It is a pharmaceutical distributor company of Saudi Arabia. It is a combination of several multinational pharmaceutical companies.


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