Top 4 Best Pet and Vet clinics in Khobar

For those who are having pets and living in Khobar are often worried about their pets. For sure, having a pet means you need to consult a vet every month or so for vaccines, checkups, surgeries, and treatments.

Pets need care and attention, they also require medical assistance which a good pet and vet clinic can provide. It is thought that there are few pet and vet clinics in Khobar, but the fact is there is a good number of great pet and vet clinics in Khobar.

  1. Khobar Veterinary Clinic

The Khobar veterinary clinic is one of the most popular pet and vet clinics in the city. It has good vet and pet services. However, people complain that they are not providing good boarding services.

They charge SR40 per day for boarding a cat but did not provide with air conditioner and good space. They are also at times messy and smelly. One of the clients complained about poor surgery experience of his cat.

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  1. Advanced Pet Clinic Al Khobar

This one is the client’s favorite pets and vet clinic in Khobar. People love their prices, their services and the staff. The clinic is nice and clean. Thy offer wide variety of pets, pet food and pet accessories.

Even though they need to work on birds’ range and food, yet their vet services in every regard are the best. One of the clients was way so happy with his bird’s surgery. Dr. Alex is all time favorite vet of the city.

5325 Best Pet and Vet clinics in Khobar 02

  1. Pets Houses Store & Vet Clinic

It is clean store and vet clinic where you can find all types of pets, their food and accessories. Their staff and vets are humble and good. The doctors give their clients special notes for taking care of pets.

The best part is that their charges are reasonable among other pet and vet clinics in Khobar, and they even have adopted animals and taking care of them. The timing is extensive which allows customers to have a peace of mind.

5325 Best Pet and Vet clinics in Khobar 03

  1. Oka Veterinary clinic

The clinic is super good with helpful front desk and considered one of the best pet and vet clinic in Khobar. The vets are indeed professionals who are able to handle emergency and critical situations. A client remarked that twice his cat was at the verge of death, yet the vets were easily able to handle the situation. Dr. Muhammad there is a renowned veterinary doctor.

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