How the personal bodyguard of King Salman shot dead?

According to the Saudi state television, the news of King Salman’s prominent bodyguard death has been confirmed. The media report claims that the death was caused by a gun shot. As soon as the news came out, people are worried to know if it has anything to do with King Salman. Is King Salman safe?

What is the cause of his death?

The report further claimed that one of the most prominent personal bodyguard of King Salman, Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Al Fagham was shot dead in Jeddah due to a personal dispute. He was a prominent bodyguard of King Salman and was several times snapped along with the king.

Is King Salman safe?

Since the dispute is characterized by personal nature, King Salman is safe by the grace of God. Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Al Fagham was such an officer that he will be missed for a long time not only by the Royal family and King Salman but the general public as well.

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What happened there?

Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Al-Fagham was visiting his friend Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Sabti at his home in Jeddah when a mutual friend called Mamdouh Bin Mishaal Al-Ali arrived at the address. According to the statement, a heated discussion erupted between Al-Ali and Al-Fagham. Arab News sources suggest the discussion was about personal and financial matters.

Al-Ali then left and came back with a gun, shooting the general, injuring him and two others who were at the scene: the house owner's brother, Turki Al Sabti, and a Filipino domestic worker. The police arrived at the scene, but Al-Ali resisted, fired at them – he was killed when officers returned fire.

Al-Fagham was taken to hospital but later died as a result of his injuries. Turki al Sabti and the Filipino domestic worker were injured during the incident. The two are said to be in a stable condition, five security officers were also injured and are receiving treatment for their injuries. Authorities are still investigating.

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The reaction of Social Media

Saudi twitter is crying over his death. Pictures of the guard along with condolences are circulating on the media. The hashtag of his name #عبدالعزيز_الفغم is trending on twitter so much so that 1 million tweets with this hashtag have already been posted.

Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Al Fagham has always been a prominent bodyguard. He has also provided services to the late King Abdullah and King Salman, his successor.

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In mid-2017, he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general. This promotion was exceptional and was made on the orders of King Salman.   A picture with the caption “you guarded our beloved, so we loved you.” Is circulating in media widely.

Saudi Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates tweeted, “Abdulaziz Al Fagham lived as a hero, and patriot, loving his country and his kings, a righteous son for his leadership … the whole of Saudi Arabia is grieved by his departure.”

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We, at Life in Saudi Arabia, are grieved over Al Fagham’s death. May Allah bless the soul and offer him higher ranks in Jannah. He was a true and faithful soldier who will be remembered for the time to come.

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Source: Arab News

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