How to take permit for shared accommodation in KSA?

Every expatriate is required to register an Ejar contract in Saudi Arabia but what about those who live in shared accommodation? They need to take a permit for the shared accommodation.

What is the problem?

One of those living in the shared accommodation make a rental agreement with the landlord but others don’t have such an agreement. In this condition, they will have to apply for a shared accommodation permit from the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs.

Permit for shared accommodation

In order to do that; open the login page of the Ministry and select “Standard Access”.

Enter your Absher account username and password to login and then enter the verification code received in the SMS.

Check your details and click on the highlighted button if need to change anything.

Now you are starting the process to apply for a permit for the shared accommodation in Saudi Arabia. In order to do that;

  • Click on the خدمات بلدي.
  • Select رخص السكن الجماعي from the drop-down list.

Now the system will show you four options;

  • Select اصدار رخصة سكن جماعي للأفراد to apply for the permit.
  • Click on خدمة تجديد رخص السكن الجماعي for the permit renewal.
  • Select خدمة إلغاء رخص السكن الجماعي to cancel the permit.
  • Click on خدمة تعديل رخص السكن الجماعي to change the permit.

On the next screen, just scroll down till the end and agree to the terms and conditions.

Now the system will give you 3 options from where you need to select عن نفسي as you are applying for the permit for the shared accommodation for yourself.

In the next step, the system will send a verification code on your mobile and then show the following screen which states that “Thank you! Successfully verified.”

Now click on the حفظ زمسودَّة button and enter the location and other required details of the property for which you want to obtain a permit for the shared accommodation.

On the next page, you need to write some further information;

  • السعة الأستعابية التقدرية: Number of flats in the building.
  • عدد الغرف: Number of rooms in the flat.
  • عدد دورات المياه: Number of washrooms.
  • (مساحة مسطح البناء (متر مربع: Size of the appartment.
  • Select سريع in front of نوع المسار.
  • Write the name of the real estate agent in front of المكتب الهندسي.

On the next page you need to select the ownership of the property. Make sure to select مستأجر (tenant) there.

On the next page, attach the rent agreement.

Now you will have to agree to the terms and conditions for the permit of shared accommodation and pay the fee of SR 800.

After the payment of the fee, you can download the permit for the shared accommodation issued by the Ministry of Muncipality and Rural Affairs. If you have this permit, you do not need an Ejar contract.


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