Can dependent female expats work in Saudi Arabia?

As per Article 34 of Saudi Labor Law, a foreigner whether he is a dependent or female expats cannot work for anyone in Saudi Arabia except their sponsor. 

What does it mean?

  • An expat with a work visa can work for his sponsor.
  • His dependents do not have a work permit, so they cannot work.
  • However, dependents can work under Ajeer contract.

Can dependents or female expats work in Saudi Arabia?

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Penalties on Working Dependents

If a dependent or a female expat is caught working for someone in Saudi Arabia, he will be fined as follows.

  • SR 1,000/- for the first instance.
  • SR 2,000/- for the second instance.
  • SR 3,000/- + Deportation for the third instance.

Upon third instance issue will be referred to the Minister of Interior for his direction towards the termination of the violator’s Iqama and deportation.

How can female expats work?

Most of the female expats with a dependent Iqama are working at international schools in Saudi Arabia as teachers or admin staff.

  • Keep in mind that it is a violation of Saudi Labor Law unless the school applies for the Ajeer certificate.
  • If this is not the case, the school can transfer dependent iqama to their business name.
  • According to Arab News, one dependent from each expat family can work at a private school.

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