Peculiarities of buying real estate in Dubai

The volume of construction in the UAE does not lag behind other developed countries. The correlation is the most vivid if we take Dubai as the most developed emirate. This is one of the most built-up cities in the world. Over the past couple of decades, it has taken the lead on all fronts. Such a leading position makes foreign investors buy property by the sea in Dubai.

Dubai is not just a bright candy wrapper, but also a meaningful stuffing. Each building is so functional, well-designed and convenient that the investment interest in such objects is unquestionable. Both high-rise and low-rise buildings are being built in Dubai. All of them are attractive in terms of architecture and comfort, and one can always find a suitable option for investment there. No doubt, purchase of real estate by the sea requires deep investigation and thoughtful selection. Important issues of buying real estate by the sea in Dubai are to be discussed in the article.

Pros of buying real estate by the sea

Speaking about real estate by the sea most people imagine views on breathtaking skylines and constant access to the private beach. Let`s find out some more benefits of owning properties by the sea.

  • Gorgeous views of the sea.

Buying a property in Dubai on the coast, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the sunrise or sunset, letting its rays over the horizon of sea waves. The sound of the waves and the sense of the cooling sea breeze add that extra touch to the picture of a perfect seaside home.

  • Great ecology.

Living in noisy polluted cities, each of us is trying to get enough fresh air by the sea. The seaside regions of Dubai have low levels of air pollution. There are no plants that harm the environment and dump sewage into the sea, not many cars with toxic exhaust emissions. Clean sea and healthy sea air make the emirate of Dubai exceptionally attractive from an environmental point of view. Besides, the government constantly introduces new more advanced laws in the sphere of environmental protection.

  • Profitable investment.

Buying an apartment by the sea is a profitable investment. Residential property, especially luxury format, is constantly increasing in value, indicating an increase in their demand. The sooner you buy an apartment on the coast, the more money you can earn on its subsequent resale.

  • High rental opportunities.

By renting apartments out to people who come on vacation or locals who want to rent a living space for a long period of time, you can significantly increase your capital. For the government of the UAE it does not matter where the owner of the property resides. If he is located remotely, a professional specialized company is capable of successfully conducting business.

Peculiarities worth attention for real estate by the sea

Purchase of real estate by the sea has certain peculiarities because of specific characteristics of a housing unit and its surrounding. When selection an apartment or a villa by the sea, pay attention to the following features:

  • Characteristics of the neighborhood.

It is important to have a well-developed infrastructure – resorts for seasonal recreation and year-round for permanent residence. Good transport interchanges and proximity to the airport are a must (especially when buying apartments for rent). The area is worth evaluating in terms of the influx of migrants and future construction plans (whether they will be built near the facility, which will block the good view from the window).

  • Quality of materials and condition of development.

It is necessary to assess the quality of construction and maintenance of the object. Since real estate by the sea is subject to the elements, you need to check in what state are the communications, whether it is well protected from the wind and was not contaminated with fungus from the abundance of moisture.

  • Cost of real estate.

It goes without saying that real estate on the shoreline is more expensive and requires more funds for maintenance. However, the price may vary depending on the object and developing company. To compare the prices and choose the most suitable housing unit, monitor the major aggregator Emirates.Estate. The source provides a detailed description of each apartment and villa for sale along with high quality pictures.

The outcomes

Dubai is a popular destination that beckons lovers of luxury, beauty, a large number of water and land-based entertainment, and events of various levels. The capitals of millionaires and billionaires from all over the world flow here. This makes the city an accumulator of capital.

The abundance of expats coming to the emirate for various purposes creates huge demand on real estate. The current trend on ownership of real estate in Dubai is not going to change in the foreseeable future.

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