How to pay for local Hajj fee in Saudi Arabia?

After booking for the local Hajj in Saudi Arabia, you need to pay the fee through SADAD within a few hours to confirm the Hajj permit. Here is the procedure to pay through NCB and Al Rajhi banks.

Al Rajhi Bank

In order to pay the local hajj fee through Al Rajhi Bank, log in to Al Rajhi Bank;

  • Download the Application through PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Click on the three dots on the left-upper corner.
  • Select “Payments“.
  • Press the “One Time Payment” button.
  • Categories: Government Services.

From the Government Services;

  • Select “161 Ministry of Hajj and Umrah“.
  • Enter SADAD Number.
  • Confirm the payment.

Congratulations, you have successfully paid the local Hajj registration fee.

Hajj Packages 2022

Saudi Arabia has launched 3 packages for local Hajj registration for 2022 i.e.

  • Hospitality 2 (Camps): SR 10,239 + 15% VAT = SR 11,775.
  • Hospitality 1 (Camps): SR 13,044 + 15% VAT = SR 15,000.
  • Towers (Mina): SR 14,738 + 15% VAT = SR 16,949.

Hajj Packages 2022

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