9 Rules for part-time work in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has approved part-time working conditions in Saudi Arabia.  The conditions have been listed below but bear in mind that they shall get effective from July 2020.

  1. The part-time employees are entitled to work half the working hours of that of normal employees i.e. 95 hours a month.
  2. The part-time worker shall be counted in the Saudization program (nitaqat) at the rate of 1/3rd of a normal Saudi employee after he completes 168 hours with the employer.
  3. These workers will be registered in GOSI as part-time workers.
  4. The part-time employees do not qualify for any compensation over the paid leaves. These include the annual leaves, occasion leaves, and sick leave.
  5. The part-time workers’ salaries shall be hourly-based and be given on monthly bases or according to the manner both parties have agreed upon in the contract.
  6. The part-time worker has a right to not be forced to work for more than 95 hours a month by a single employer. He has the right over flexible work conditions and can refuse or accept work, anytime he wants to without any action been taken against him.
  7. In order to ensure that the worker is employed under a “flexible work system”, the work contract must be attested by the portal that has been designated by the ministry.
  8. Any dispute regarding the work shall be catered by the labor courts.
  9. These part-time work conditions are only applicable to Saudi nationals.

It is worth emphasizing that expatriates are not allowed to work for anyone except their sponsors as per Saudi Labor Law.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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