Muscat: A Paradise at a mere distance of 2 hours away from Riyadh

Yes, you read it correctly, don’t double check. Let me tell you more about it. I have just gotten back from a short two-hour flight from Riyadh. I did not get to see much of Muscat, but what I did see was a simple and extremely clean city.

The traffic in Muscat

The traffic was unlike the traffic in Riyadh, how you may ask? Well, for one thing, the drivers stick to their lanes. However unbelievable that may sound it was true. The entire road trip took me about half an hour from the airport to the resort, which seemed like something out of a storybook or fairy tale.

The resort is a complex consisting of three hotels of various classes and is panned out across a huge piece of land. My weekend was spent lounging in one of the outdoor lounges while indulging in cocktails from the bar. I soaked up the sun during the day and took long peaceful walks on the shore at night.

1276 01

Kayaking in Muscat

I indulged in a bit of kayaking too after which I just floated down their lazy river. The list is never-ending. The best part of the trip according to me was getting to view a humongous hawksbill turtle lay eggs on the beach at night. This was the last place I expected anything like this to happen in.

For those who may not know the Hawksbill Turtle is a critically endangered animal, and although the resort may have been built on suitable nesting areas, the resort made up for it with a team of dedicated turtle rangers who flagged nests and looked out for them.

1276 Muscat A Paradise at a mere distance of 2 hours away from Riyadh

Beach in Muscat

The worst point of the trip, however, had to be the sunburns that I had experienced by the end of my vacation; it may have been my fault partly, well mostly as I have no time for sunscreen application. Who would wait to apply sunscreen when there is so much to do, so much to see and so little time?

1276 Muscat A Paradise at a mere distance of 2 hours away from Riyadh 03

Honestly, I would recommend it to any city dweller so that they may take a break from the hectic city life. Every city dweller knows that peace and tranquility are not one of the options you get when residing in the city. The traffic and commotion just become too much. I totally wish I knew of this place before, it would have been my regular weekend retreat.

Oman Air

I had traveled through Oman Air as they had a special package deal going on for Riyadh. It is always great to find such good deals as it allows one to truly enjoy the vacation instead or racking up a huge bill.

1276 Muscat A Paradise at a mere distance of 2 hours away from Riyadh 04

I would recommend Oman Air because if someone like me who is terrified of flying can peacefully enjoy the flight, anyone can. Perhaps I suppose the huge leg space and the great service and even greater food made the flight even better.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.