Pakistani Woman who found Saudi dad after 35 Years

After a positive DNA Test and several judicial hearings at the Court of Civil Status’ located in Makkah city, a woman aged 35, has finally proved the fact that she is the daughter of a Saudi National man.

Around 35 years ago, the same Saudi national who was very young at the time married a young Burmese girl who was in possession of a fraudulent Pakistani passport, and they were blessed with a baby girl.

Her parents were divorced 35 years ago

Fate had other things planned however, the marriage did not last long and the Burmese woman and wife of the Saudi national exited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under unknown circumstances.

The Burmese woman also took her child along with her, before she could have been registered with the authorities in the Kingdom and for her identification documents.

Maryam had to suffer a lot after leaving the Kingdom

The travel by the Burmese woman had brought suffering on the child. The child later returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with documents stating that she was of Pakistani origin and also donned the name of her mother’s second husband as her real father.

The woman in question today, Maryam, spoke to a local publication and stated that she had been told lies about her real father by her mother and family members all her life.

She added that she had also been prevented from meeting or living with him. Maryam’s mother would constantly ensure her that her 2nd Husband who was of Pakistani origin was, in fact, her real father.

Maryam married to a Pakistani National

However, fate again had some other ideas, Maryam’s mother and her 2nd husband returned to the Kingdom and by that time Maryam was aged 20 and also married to a man living in Saudi Arabia, of Pakistani origin.

This was the first time that Maryam learned that her mother’s husband wasn’t her biological father. In a desperate attempt at finding out the truth, Maryam started asking her relatives and neighbors about the truth and soon found out the truth.

Maryam has asked for help from the Saudi Authorities

She found out that her mother had divorced her Saudi husband and left the Kingdom with her. Currently, Maryam is living in the suburbs of Makkah city with her children who are exposed to the dangers of life.

Maryam has demanded that the Saudi authorities at the very least provide her family a decent house to live in. She added that her biological father is in his 70s now, has trouble moving around and also suffers from financial difficulties.

Her Saudi documents are under process

She further stated that her Saudi documents will take some time to be processed which will inevitably delay all requests for official aid and assistance from the authorities.

Maryam is currently residing with her Pakistani origin husband and two children. The family has been forced to live off of charity, due to the fact that her husband cannot acquire employment because of his illegal residence status in the Kingdom.

Maryam is hoping that the suffering of her family will end soon after she receives her official Saudi documents and she starts working legally.

Source: Arab News

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