Pakistani who saved Saudi Family from the burning car awarded with Hajj Package

Life has become busy for all; everyone is engaged in his/her routine. We live in an era, where sometimes we don’t have time for our family. We are unaware of people around us. We have set our goals and work tirelessly to pursue them.

People also hesitate to help others and to indulge in matters of others either because they prefer to “mind their own business” or they “don’t have time for it.” It seems like people have become self-centered.

If a person needs help, we look upon others to help him/her rather than stepping forward. People tend to find escapes when it comes to helping others. Yet there are some people who are concerned for others; they delay their task to help others.

One such man is Mohammad Mansoor; A courageous man who saved a Saudi family from a burning car. Mohammad Mansoor is a Pakistani expatriate. He was driving a water truck when he saw a car that had caught fire because of an accident.

The car, unfortunately, was equipped with a family. Mohammad rushed for the car, aided the family in getting out of the car and provided them with necessary first aid.

As he was having a water truck, he used it to put out the fire. This is how the Pakistani expatriate rescued a Saudi family from a burning car. The brave hero’s act of humanity has been honored by Governor of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Saud Bin Nayef praised Mohammad Mansoor has not only praised his bravery but also has awarded him. According to reports, Mohammad has been gifted a trip to Makkah.


He can now perform a pilgrimage, this year, as a reward for his brave and courageous act.  Indeed, this act of selflessness is unique to this modern era. Where people were just passing by, hesitant to help the family, it was Mohammad who stood up for them.

We do have many people who condemn selfishness through words yet few who show through their action. It is quite easy to be a proponent of selfless acts; it is easy to give away few words in favor of humanity.


Yet it takes a lot of courage to implement it. Only if we forget that what will be the gains and loss of helping others, only then we can make this world a peaceful place.

If Mohammad was concerned about his gains and loss, we might have lost our Saudi fellows. There is a need to remove all difference. We differentiate people on basis of caste and creed.

Let’s consider everyone a human, just like Mohammad did! He did not hesitate to help because it was a Saudi family and not a Pakistani family.  We need people like Mohammad; we need to be like him for the sake of prosperity of mankind!

All of us need to learn a lesson from the heroic act of Mohammed. Yes, it is important to save your side first but whenever there is some incident at least take a pause and see around if someone needs any help.

It is possible that taking a pause for a while, asking others if they need your help might save someone's life and become a reason for Allah's happiness.

Source: Gulf News

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.