Pakistani groom takes his wife on Bike amid lockdown

While you might have changed your plans due to Coronavirus, some people cannot and are surely doing what they want to. Many marriages, important functions, and meetings around the globe have been postponed due to the outbreak of the virus. However, when you have a will, there is a way of “lockdown” marriage.

A groom in Karachi, Pakistan had been spotted taking his newlywed wife on a bike. The groom could not let go of his love and thereby decided to have a simple marriage.

The identity of the man and his family haven’t been disclosed yet according to the ARY news network, considered one of the biggest news networks of Pakistan, the groom along with two witnesses reached the wife’s house, got their Nikkah done and then took his wife to his home on the bike.

The video is circulating on social media, showing a groom and bride riding on a bike on the streets of Karachi. People are respecting their decision and the fact that the culture of simple weddings is getting accepted in Pakistan.

Such steps shall be appreciated as these are not normal days. A wedding that took place last month in Karachi Pakistan was not a simple one: it was extended to a number of people. This resulted in the spread of coronavirus. A family of 9 attended the wedding and all of them caught the virus. A lady at the wedding was infected and infected the entire family!

 Pakistan COVID-19 confirmed cases have reached to  18,806, 4799 have recovered, and 438 have died. It is predicted that the cases in the coming weeks would spike in Pakistan.

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