Pakistani father is beaten by his two sons for going to Hajj

Fathers are one of those selfless souls who would work hard day and night so that their children would enjoy a good life. They would make sure that they are providing sufficiently to their families. There are fathers who would spend lavishly on their families and not on themselves as spending on their families gives them more pleasure! Only a father can do so: no one else is so humble!

When a father is raising a child, especially a son, he is fearless for his future. He knows that when he will get old, his weak bones would be strengthened by his young lads. His sons would be there to bring in income, his sons would be there to support him.

Can you imagine a father being beaten by sons?

A father who had spent his days under the scorching sun to provide the best to his sons? A father who had sacrificed his all: his pleasures, his wealth, his youth for his sons?

Yes, according to reports, a father in the province of Sindh, Pakistan was beaten up by his sons so much so that he was bleeding! The poor man had money, which was entirely his and he saved it over time. Instead of giving his money to his sons, he planned to perform a Hajj this year.

When his sons got aware that their father was planning a hajj and resisted giving money to them, they started beating him so much so that he was bleeding badly!

Viral Video

The video that belongs to Moro, an area in Sindh where a father is being beaten by his two sons went viral on social media. The old, fragile man was bleeding and was partially unconscious.

The video gives Goosebumps as you watch and our heart gets quenched. The video soon made rounds on social media and people asked the authorities to take up action against the brutal act.

Both sons have been arrested

Now, the police officials claim that the man has been shifted to a local hospital in Nawabshah. His both cold-blooded sons have been arrested over their inhumane act.

5247 Pakistani father beaten by his two sons for going to Hajj 02

People are sending a prayer for recovery for the old man. They hope that he is able to perform Hajj this year and have requested authorities to make sure that he gets his hajj visa soon. Also, people are now demanding severe punishment for those two, who certainly not deserve to be called “sons”. 

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