Pakistani doctor dies treating coronavirus patients

Dr. Osama was working at a medical facility in Balochistan, screening pilgrims who were coming back from Iran to Pakistan. According to the official sources, the young doctor had fallen sick 2 days ago after returning back from work.

Later, he was screened for coronavirus when his condition worsened and the result was positive. The fellow doctors immediately put him on a ventilator. It appears that he caught the virus while treating other coronavirus patients.

The official sources confirmed that he was removed from the ventilator after 2 days with the consent of his family.

5563 Pakistani doctor dies treating coronavirus patients 02

His father said that the last time Dr. Osama talked to his family, he was tired and wanted to sleep. The next morning he did not wake up and then transferred to hospital where he was tested positive for coronavirus. 

5563 Pakistani doctor dies treating coronavirus patients 04

However, some people are of the view that the sudden deterioration in his health cannot only be attributed to coronavirus. Coronavirus patients do not lose their consciousness so quickly especially when they are young.

5563 Pakistani doctor dies treating coronavirus patients 03

Medical experts are investigating the matter if Dr. Osama had an undiagnosed brain tumor which caused the reason for the deterioration of his health.

No matter how he died, he is a hero Pakistan who died performing his professional duty.

Source: Dawn News

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