Pakistani doctor dies of COVID19 in Makkah

The first death of an expat doctor

Tragic news has been confirmed by the authorities that Dr. Naeem Khaled Choudhary, who has been a specialist surgeon at Makkah’s Hera General Hospital, has died due to coronavirus. This has been the first reported death of an expat doctor due to Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia.

Only a month before, a Saudi nurse named Khaled Abdullah Al-Husseini died due to the coronavirus. The nurse offered services at the King Abdulaziz Hospital.

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The Health Affairs Department in Makkah has honored the doctors for his efforts in the medical field. They stated that Choudhary is a role model for the medical staff: he was a brave man who devoted tireless efforts to battle against the novel virus.

He was 47 years old

Dr. Wael Hamzah Mutair, who is the director-general of Health Affairs in Mecca, declared that Choudhary had been working for the General Surgery Department of Hira General Hospital.

He was 47 years old. he was one of the finest medical professionals in Mecca and had been fighting bravely against the COVID-19. He was a frontline fighter and thereby the medical staff considers him to be a brave martyr.

5640 Pakistani doctor dies of COVID19 in Makkah 02

Everyone is mourning upon the dismissal of the professional and brave doctor. His colleagues of the surgical department of the government hospital said that they are in a shock to hear this tragic news. Choudhary had been a friend, a person with a kind and nice behavior and, instilled with gentleness.

He left 3 daughters behind

Dr. Walid Al-Amri, who is the director of Hira General Hospital, offered a prayer for the deceased. He asked the Almighty to shower mercy and forgiveness on him and to allow him to enjoy Paradise and bless the family with patience and courage. Dr. Choudhary has left behind three daughters who are currently residing in Makkah.

5640 Pakistani doctor dies of COVID19 in Makkah 01

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