Pakistani arrested for running a brothel in Riyadh

A Pakistani national has been arrested for running a prostitution ring by exploiting the absconder housemaids in Riyadh.

A video went viral on social media after which Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Muajab issued an order of arrest. This has been confirmed by the official sources at the Public Prosecution.

However, before referring the case to the specialized criminal court, the Public prosecution is taking all the legal necessary measures.


In the video, the man is seen running a prostitution ring. Nevertheless, the Monitoring Center at the Public Prosecution has submitted a report about the very viral video clip.

In the video, it can easily be seen that the Pakistani man has a prostitution ring where he is exploiting a number of household maids who run away from their sponsors.

The sources claim that the Public Prosecution shall be claiming for the maximum penalty for the man. His acts fall in the category of Anti-Trafficking Law.

According to the Anti-Trafficking Law, he shall be punished for 15 years of imprisonment or a fine of as much as  SR 1 million or of both. However, it is up to the court to impose even harsher penalties on the culprit as Article 4 of the Law allows for it.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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