Pakistan would not allow Iran to play with Saudi Security

A threat to Saudi Arabia’s security: Iran’s Chief of staff of the armed forces, Mohammad Hussein Bagheri gave out a statement. The statement went viral as it imposed a threat to Saudi Arabia’s security.

Pakistan being an Islamic state responded to the statement by Mohammad Hussein Bagheri. In an interview with Reuters, the head of Pakistan’s Council of Scholars Taher Mahmoud Ashrafi condemned the threat.

Islamic World is Strong Enough: He briefed about the threat imposed by Iran to the security of Saudi Arabia and told that Pakistan is regrettable upon it. Ashrafi said that Islamic world is strong enough to prevent Iran from imposing any kind of danger to Saudi Arabia’s and Pakistan’s security.

He assured that the Islamic world won’t allow Iran to threaten Saudi Arabia’s security. He acknowledged the fact that Pakistan is a peace-loving nation.

Saudi Arabia is a Sacred Place: He further said that Pakistan is a strong nation that can not only defend itself yet it can defend the borders of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a sacred place for all Muslims as it is the country of the Two Holy Mosques.

Ashrafi said that Iran should have known that Saudi Arabia is one of the holiest places for Muslims around the world and thereby if any country would impose a threat to Saudi Arabia, it would eventually face a firm response by the Islamic world.

Pakistan Condemned the Threat: Pakistan has always strike for regional peace. Pakistan is a nation who through wisdom had undergone patience to attain peace.

However, Pakistan won’t be showing tolerance towards Iran’s statements. An official statement coming from Iranian leadership which has a core message of threatening Pakistan’s and Saudi Arabia’s security is not tolerable for Pakistan.

He added that Pakistan is a strong country, unlike Syria and Iraq. It won’t get weaken by the alliance between Iran, India, and Afghanistan.

The head of Pakistan’s Council of Scholars Taher Mahmoud Ashrafi with Imam Sudais

An advice for the Government of Pakistan: He also put forward an advice for the Government of Pakistan. He stressed that the Pakistani government should approach the United Nations. He also called to refer to the international community and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The statements and expression of aggression by Afghanistan, Iran, and India towards Islamic world shall be taken to international forums. An emergency summit of Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should be called upon by Pakistan.

The Pakistani Islamic scholar mentioned and appreciated the interview of Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The interview tends to disclose many facts.

Warning for Iran: He warned Iran not to threaten the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He also stated that Iran shall not interfere in matters of other countries. What Iran has said is completely regrettable.

It looks like that Iranian leadership has not learned from the past. It has forgotten the situation in the Middle East.

He assured that Pakistan will stand up for Saudi Arabia as it is the most important place on earth for all the Muslims. The Muslim community and the Muslim world shall be united to protect the two holy mosques.

Source: Al Arabiya

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