Pakistan will not recognize Israel – PM Imran Khan

Where other countries are recognizing Israel and normalizing their deals with Israel, Pakistan came with a different statement. The Prime Minister of Pakistan said Pakistan will never recognize Israel until Palestinians are provided with their independent state.

UAE and US-brokered deal with Israel

Last week UAE accepted Israel and later the US too brokered a deal with Israel. UAE became the third Muslim country to accept Israel after Egypt and Jordan. The world is looking forward to knowing the reaction of other Muslim countries.

At this stage, talking to a local news broadcaster, PM Imran Khan clarified that until the time he is ruling the country, his country will not accept Israel as a friend.

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5718 Pakistan will not recognize Israel – PM Imran Khan 03

PM Imran Khan quoted Jinnah’s statement:

Talking further PM said, whatever any country does, our statement is clear. He said the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah made our position clear in 1948.

We cannot accept Israel until Palestinians are given their rights or there is any just settlement.

We cannot ignore the oppression of The Palestinians

PM Imran Khan further said that if we accepted Israel and ignored the oppression of the suffering Palestinians then we will also have to give up Kashmir and this is what we cannot do.

When there is talk about Palestine and Israel, we need to think, how will we be able to answer God if we abandon these people. Palestinians faced every type of injustice and their rights are also snatched away.

“My consciousness will never allow me to accept Israel under any circumstances, I can never accept it”, Khan added.

Palestinian embassy thanked Khan

According to the local media broadcaster, the Palestinian embassy in the capital of Pakistan thanked PM Imran khan for his such stand.

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