Outdoor seating trends in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a stunning country with deserts, camels, mountains, and much more. But did you know that Saudi Arabia has achieved some major developments in its outdoor seating and traditional style, which is taking over internationally? Ranging from bedouin-style tents to modern oasis gardens, we will explore the captivating outdoor seating trends in Saudi Arabia with you. So let’s begin, then! 

  1. Bedouin-style tents as an icon

A bedouin-style tent is an absolute icon in the world of outdoor seating in Saudi Arabia. Their original purpose was to provide shelter from desert storms and have therefore been a big part of the history and culture of this country for many years. Now, they have become a fashionable item that creates an inviting and attractive atmosphere with stylish carpets and low tables. 

  1. Outdoor lounge sets for social gatherings

Lounges have also become a popular choice for outside seating in Saudi Arabia. These are often seen in luxury hotels and resorts, but nowadays they are also a part of people’s homes. A lounge set is furnished with a comfortable sofa and chairs. Moreover, they are perfect for social gatherings with friends and family.

  1. A natural appearance with modern oasis gardens

Modern oasis gardens have taken over Saudi Arabia with their natural appearance. These gardens are a blend of nature with modern design, creating a peaceful and balanced outdoor seating environment. 

  1. Furniture for the patio

Saudi Arabia has a rich climate, and this has led to many homes having their own patio, which functions as their little oasis. These areas are often beautiful landscapes with a touch of greenery. The seating furniture is comfortable and decorated with low tables and hip cushions. In addition, these areas are perfect for meetings and relaxation. 

  1. Glamping in the desert 

In recent years, glamping has become a growing trend. Offering a luxurious hotel experience in a tent set in a beautiful landscape is a new adventure for people. It offers the chance to meet the traditional culture of Saudi Arabia in a different way. These tents are glamorous from the inside and out, allowing guests to unwind and take in the beautiful view.

Saudi Arabia has significantly developed its various outdoor seating options, including luxury tents to relaxing lounge sets. But also natural oasis gardens, and functional patio furniture. These endless trends show the traditional style of Saudi Arabia blended with modern aesthetics. Their goal is to give homeowners and visitors a welcoming and comfortable outdoor experience. 

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