Our father is too old to eat with us!!!

Once there was an old man who went to his son to live the rest of his days with him. His son was married and had a 4-year-old son with them. The old man was off age: he was weak and his senses were becoming weak. He could not hold things properly, he needed a stick or support to walk, his eyesight became weak and his body would quiver while he would stand.

He was not able to grab things properly

The old man would sit down with the family to have his food. Yet because of his poor sight and grip, he would spill things. Sometimes the spoon would fall down, sometimes the milk and water would spill while most of the time the food would spill all over the tablecloth.

The family got irritated with this. The son got angry at the noise that his father was making while eating. His daughter-in-law got angry at the mess too: she had to clean up the floor and wash the tablecloth.

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Our father is too old to eat with us, give him food separately

After a few days, the son got irritated and said that our father is too old to eat with us, thereby he shall be given food separately. Therefore in one corner a table and chair were kept for him where he would eat his food while the family would have theirs on the table. The old man would have his eyes wet as he too wanted to have his food with the family.

The family, on the other hand, would always complain when they saw food spilling and things falling down. Once he broke the dish, the son and his wife got angry and since then he was given his food in a wooden bowl. The old man wanted to tell his son that he wishes to eat with them yet he didn’t as he did not want to make him angry.

His grandson made a wooden bowl for him

Once the four-year-old was playing with the wooden scraps. The father observed that the child was trying to make out something from it. So he went near him and asked what was he making and shall he help him. On this, the boy said that he was making wooden bowls out of it. The father was surprised and ask why he was making bowls.

The boy replied that he is making one for father and one for mother. When both will become old like a grandfather, he will give them food in these bowls. On this the father and mother started to cry, tears shed and they realized that what they were doing was absolutely wrong.

Now, the father eats with them

Since then the grandfather would eat with the rest of the family on the table. His son would not get angry at the noise nor the wife at the mess. They would all enjoy food together. After a few weeks, the old man died.

Always remember that you need to treat your parents kindly. Islam teaches us to do so. The Holy Prophet has also taught us this beautiful dua for them
“My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.”

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