Cancelling Online Request for Transfer of Sponsorship

An unknown company has made an online request to transfer my sponsorship. I want to transfer my sponsorship to another company. Jawazat is not transferring my sponsorship and asking me to cancel the initial request first. I do not know about the company, what should I do?[irp]

Question by Visitor: I came to Saudi Arabia 4 months ago on a free visa. My Sponsor gave me Transfer of sponsorship paper to join another company. When my new company applied in Jawazat for transfer of sponsorship, Jawazat rejected their application and stated: “I already have online demand request from some other company”. So, I asked my Sponsor, he is saying that he made that request from some other company name to apply for a new visa for him and he is not able to do anything now to remove that online request and the request is valid for 90 days. So, what can I do now to remove that online demand request? I have Sponsor transfer of sponsorship paper, my passport with me now.

Answer by Steve: I am sad to know about it. Now your Sponsor cannot do anything. If you can get some idea about the company which made an online request, you can go to them and ask them to cancel the request. They have generated the request and only they can cancel it. Otherwise, wait for the expiry of online request.

Question by Visitor: My Sponsor only gave that request by some other company name. But he refused to remove it. He said that the online request is valid for 90 days only. Now the 90 days has been completed, but still, the online request is there. What can I do now?

Answer by Steve: This is something new for me and I feel pain for you since you have been helping others. Brother, try again but I think the solution can be provided by only your Sponsor. Normally Sponsors are greedy; he will do it for you for the sake of some money.

Answer by Steve: Yes. I paid huge money to get a transfer of sponsorship paper from my Sponsor. I have my sponsor’s Transfer of sponsorship paper, my passport, my IQAMA, and my new company produced all these documents in Jawazat. Even though I have all these documents, Jawazat rejected my new company's application. So, any company knows anyone IQAMA number, and if they want to take revenge against them, they can give such an online demand request and block them from transferring to another company. The Rules in Saudi Arabia are only in the favor of Saudis. Is it possible to file a case against my Sponsor in labor court? Because he gave Transfer of sponsorship paper, passport and he is not allowing me to transfer to another company now.

Answer by Steve: Brother, you know it will be waste of time. I have told you the shortcut. These are greedy people. Just tell him that you will pay him SR 1,000 after he has removed this online reservation. He will do it for the sake of money. Pay him at the end when he has done everything.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.