How to get Qatar on-arrival visa for GCC residents?

Saudi Iqama holders and GCC residents can get an on-arrival visa at the Qatar border if they are traveling by road or from KSA. 

Visa Requirements

Saudi Iqama holders and GCC residents can get an on-arrival visa at the Qatar border if all the following requirements are fulfilled;

  1. Iqama or GCC residence permit is valid for at least 3 months.
  2. The passport is valid for at least 6 months.
  3. Suitable Profession (List given below).
  4. Hayya Card.
  5. Dependents can get a visa if accompanied by a sponsor.
  6. Fee: QAR 100 for each applicant..
  7. Valid Exit Reentry Visa.
  8. Driving license.
  9. Car Istimara if traveling by road.
  10. Negative PCR test for each passenger above 12 taken within 48 hours.
  11. Etheraz pre-entry registration.
  12. Hotel Reservation.
  13. Tawakkalna Status = Immune.

qatar visa for gcc residents by road

Who can get the visa?

A GCC resident who meets all the above-mentioned requirements can get a Qatar on arrival visa for the following;

  • Himself.
  • All accompanying dependents.
  • All accompanying legal domestic workers.
  • No visa for visit visa holders under his sponsorship.

A Saudi family visit visa holder is not eligible to get a Qatar on arrival visa unless you are one of the 90 countries that can get a visa on arrival.

It is important to mention here that you cannot get an arrival visa if you are dependent on someone in Saudi Arabia and going there without your sponsor.

Entering Qatar

Once you reach Al Salwa Border;

  • Saudi border control will issue a vehicle exit paper.
  • The immigration officer will process your exit from KSA.
  • Drive for 2 kilometers.
  • On the Qatar side, Qatar police will check your documents.
  • At the immigration counter, pay QAR 100 for the main applicant and QAR 50/dependent.
  • Present all your documents to the officer and he will issue an on-arrival visa.
  • Pass the security and customs clearance check.
  • After this, you have to pay QAR 161 for the car insurance. 

Coming back to Saudi Arabia

On the way back to Saudi Arabia from Qatar, you will get;

  • Exit stamp on the passport by Qatar Immigration.
  • Car Entry Stamp at the Saudi border.
  • Fingerprints verification.
  • Entry stamp on passports by Saudi immigration.

List of Professions to get Qatar On-Arrival Visa

If you are a GCC resident or a Saudi Iqama holder with any of the following Iqama professions, you can get Qatar on-arrival visa either by road or by air;

  1. Accountant / Accounts Verifier / Auditor.
  2. Accounts Manager.
  3. Administration Coordinator.
  4. Administrative Manager.
  5. Administrative Researcher.
  6. Agricultural specialist (General).
  7. Air Controller.
  8. Air Hostess.
  9. Air Navigator.
  10. Air Transport Manager.
  11. Aircraft Landing Controller.
  12. Aircraft Maintenance Technician.
  13. Aircraft Takeoff Controller.
  14. Aquatic Specialist.
  15. Archeological Director.
  16. Archaeological Prospector.
  17. Archaeological Researcher.
  18. Architectural Draftsman.
  19. Army Officer.
  20. Artist (Actor, Musician, Composer, Poet, Painter, Singer etc).
  21. Assistant Engineer (All specializations).
  22. Assistant General Manager.
  23. Assistant Pharmacist.
  24. Assistant Pilot.
  25. Astronomer.
  26. Auditor.
  27. Author.
  28. Aviation Guide.
  29. Aviation Technician.
  30. Aviation Trainer.
  31. Bank Manager.
  32. Bank Official.
  33. Banker.
  34. Banking Business Manager.
  35. Breeding Specialist (Animals/ Birds/ Bees).
  36. Broadcasting Manager.
  37. Business lady. Businessman.
  38. Captain of Ship/Cruise/Carrier/Steamship.
  39. Career Counselor.
  40. Chairman (All types).
  41. Chairman / Executive Director. 
  42. Chemist (All specializations).
  43. Chief Justice.
  44. Cinema Cameraman.
  45. Cinema Director.
  46. Cinema or Television Producer.
  47. College Dean.
  48. Commercial Broker.
  49. Commercial Manager.
  50. Company or Factory Manager.
  51. Computer Programmer.
  52. Consultant (All types).
  53. Consultant (All types).
  54. Control Equipments Technician.
  55. Cooperative Society Manager.
  56. Correspondent (Newspaper/Radio/TV).
  57. Cruise Ship Guide.
  58. Customs Clearer.
  59. Customs Specialist.
  60. Decoration Designer.
  61. Dental Technician (Fixing).
  62. Diplomat (Members of diplomatic corps).
  63. Director.
  64. Earthquakes expert.
  65. ECG Technician.
  66. Economic Analyst.
  67. Electricity Manager.
  68. Employees at the Embassies in the GCC countries (Except Support Services Jobs).
  69. Engineer (All Specializations).
  70. Executive Manager or Director.
  71. Executive Secretary.
  72. Farm Manager.
  73. Finance Manager.
  74. Finance/Economics Expert.
  75. Flight Technician.
  76. Food Controller.
  77. Foodstuff Technician.
  78. Gardening Specialist.
  79. General Professional Trainer (Industrial/Agricultural/Commercial).
  80. General Specialist.
  81. General Supervisor.
  82. Geologist (General).
  83. Geology Technician.
  84. Head of Prosecution.
  85. Horse Breeding Technician.
  86. Hospital Manager.
  87. Hotel Manager.
  88. Information Systems Expert.
  89. Institute Manager.
  90. Insurance Manager.
  91. Investment Manager.
  92. Investor.
  93. Jeweler.
  94. Journalist.
  95. Judge.
  96. Lab Specialist.
  97. Lab Technician.
  98. Laboratory Manager.
  99. Land Hostess.
  100. Land Transport Manager.
  101. Lawyer / Advocate.
  102. Lecturer.
  103. Legal Expert.
  104. Legal Researcher.
  105. Library Manager.
  106. Literator.
  107. Maintenance Manager.
  108. Male or Female Nurse.
  109. Manager (All types).
  110. Manager or Director of any government departments or companies.
  111. Marine Navigator.
  112. Marine Traffic Controller.
  113. Marine Transport Manager.
  114. Maritime
  115. Controller.
  116. Marketing Executive.
  117. Marketing Manager.
  118. Marketing Representative.
  119. Media Controller.
  120. Media Manager.
  121. Media Person
  122. Media Specialist.
  123. Medical Analysis Specialist.
  124. Medical Equipment Technician.
  125. Medical Therapy Specialist.
  126. Medical X-ray Specialist.
  127. Microscopic Technician.
  128. Mining Technician.
  129. Ministry Undersecretary.
  130. Museum Manager.
  131. Nutrition Specialist.
  132. Operations Analyst.
  133. Optical Technician.
  134. Partner.
  135. Pharmaceutical Technician.
  136. Pharmacist.
  137. Physician (All specializations).
  138. Physicist.
  139. Pilot.
  140. Player (All sports items in a sports club).
  141. Police Officer.
  142. President or Director of a Club.
  143. President or Director of a University.
  144. Press Photographer.
  145. Printing and Publishing Manager.
  146. Procurement Representative.
  147. Production Director.
  148. Professional Security and Safety Technician.
  149. Professor.
  150. Program Designer.
  151. Program Producer.
  152. Proofreader.
  153. Prosecutor.
  154. Psychiatrist.
  155. Quality Controller.
  156. Quantity Enumerator.
  157. Radio or TV Transmission Technician.
  158. Referee (Sports).
  159. Regional Director.
  160. Religious person.
  161. Research & Studies Director.
  162. Road Controller.
  163. Sales Executive.
  164. Sales Manager.
  165. Sales Representative.
  166. School Manager.
  167. Scientist.
  168. Secretary or Manager of Library.
  169. Ship Captain.
  170. Ship Maintenance Technician.
  171. Ship Supervisor.
  172. Sociologist.
  173. Special Needs Teacher.
  174. Speech Specialist.
  175. Sports Medicine Specialist.
  176. Sports Representative.
  177. Sports Trainer.
  178. Statistics Specialist.
  179. Surgeon (All specializations).
  180. Surveyor.
  181. Systems Analyst.
  182. Teacher / Instructor.
  183. Telecom Technician.
  184. Television Manager.
  185. Theatre Manager.
  186. Tourism Agency Manager.
  187. Tourist Guide.
  188. Trader.
  189. Train Maintenance Technician.
  190. Translator.
  191. Travel or Tourism Agent.
  192. TV Cameraman.
  193. TV or Radio Programs Presenter.
  194. University Professor.
  195. University student.
  196. Veterinary Doctor.
  197. Weather expert.
  198. Well Drilling Technician.
  199. X-Ray Specialist.
  200. X-ray Technician.
  201. Zoology Specialist.

What if my profession is not on the list?

If your profession is not in the list given below, you would not be able to get a Qatar on-arrival visa being a GCC resident or Saudi Iqama holder. In that case, you should apply for a Qatar visa online.

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