How to get Qatar visa as a GCC residents?

Saudi Iqama holders and GCC residents can get an on-arrival visa at the Qatar border if they are traveling by road or from KSA. Keep in mind this facility is available to a certain Iqama profession only.

If your profession is not in the list given below, you would not be able to get a Qatar on-arrival visa being a GCC resident or Saudi Iqama holder. In that case, you should apply for a Qatar visa online.

Visa Requirements

Saudi Iqama holders and GCC residents can get an on-arrival visa at the Qatar border if all the following requirements are fulfilled;

  1. Iqama or GCC residence permit is valid for at least 3 months.
  2. The passport is valid for at least 6 months.
  3. Suitable Profession (List given below).
  4. Dependents can get a visa if accompanied by a sponsor.
  5. Fee: QAR 100 for each applicant (free for Pakistanis).
  6. Valid Exit Reentry Visa.
  7. Driving license if traveling by road.
  8. Car Istimara if traveling by road.
  9. Hotel Reservation.
  10. Jawazat appointment for Salwa border.

qatar visa for gcc residents by road

Who can get the visa?

A GCC resident who meets all the above-mentioned requirements can get a Qatar on-arrival visa for the following;

  • Himself.
  • All accompanying dependents.
  • All accompanying legal domestic workers.
  • No visa for visit visa holders under his sponsorship.

A Saudi family visit visa holder is not eligible to get a Qatar on arrival visa unless you are one of the 90 countries that can get a visa on arrival.

It is essential to mention here that you cannot get an arrival visa if you are dependent in Saudi Arabia and going there without your sponsor.

Entering Qatar

Once you reach Al Salwa Border;

  • Saudi border control will issue a vehicle exit paper.
  • The immigration officer will process your exit from KSA.
  • Drive for 2 kilometers.
  • On the Qatar side, Qatar police will check your documents.
  • At the immigration counter, pay QAR 100 for the main applicant and QAR 50/dependent.
  • Present all your documents to the officer, who will issue an on-arrival visa.
  • Pass the security and customs clearance check.
  • After this, you have to pay QAR 165 for the car insurance. 

Coming back to Saudi Arabia

On the way back to Saudi Arabia from Qatar, you will get;

  • Exit stamp on the passport by Qatar Immigration.
  • Car Entry Stamp at the Saudi border.
  • Fingerprints verification.
  • Entry stamps on passports by Saudi immigration.

List of Professions to get Qatar On-Arrival Visa

If you are a GCC resident or a Saudi Iqama holder with any of the following Iqama professions, you can get Qatar on-arrival visa either by road or by air;

  1. Author/Writer.
  2. University Professor.
  3. Media Person.
  4. Embassy Staff in GCC Countries (Except service jobs).
  5. Archeological Researcher.
  6. Professor.
  7. Geologist (General).
  8. Referee (Sports).
  9. Economic / Financial Expert.
  10. Legal Expert.
  11. Information Systems Expert.
  12. Diplomatic (Members of Diplomatic Mission).
  13. CEO/ Executive Director.
  14. University Rector / Chancellor.
  15. Chief Justice.
  16. Chief Prosecutor.
  17. Club Director / Chairman.
  18. Captain of a Ship/Cruise/Ferry/Tanker.
  19. Physician (All Specializations).
  20. Surgeon (All Specializations).
  21. Veterinary Doctor.
  22. Pilot.
  23. Scientist.
  24. College Dean.
  25. Astronomer.
  26. Physicist.
  27. Judge.
  28. Chemist (All Specializations).
  29. Lawyer/Advocate.
  30. Director.
  31. Aviation Trainer.
  32. Broadcasting Director.
  33. Media Director.
  34. Regional Director.
  35. Bank Manager.
  36. Television Director.
  37. Cinema Director.
  38. Hotel Manager.
  39. Museum Director.
  40. School Manager.
  41. Theater Director.
  42. Hospital Manager.
  43. Advisor (All Kinds).
  44. Engineer.
  45. Prosecutor.
  46. Ministry Undersecretary.
  47. Co-Pilot.
  48. Consultant (All Specializations).
  49. Auditor (Financial – Accounts).
  50. Analyst (Financial).
  51. Air Safety Controller.
  52. Programmer.
  53. Accountant.
  54. Marine Fire Inspector.

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