On-Arrival Visit Visa of Dubai (UAE) by Road for Iqama Holders

There is no doubt that Dubai (UAE) is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you talk about artificial beauty, Dubai (UAE) is no doubt at number one in the whole world. Some ten years ago, people used to go to Switzerland to spend their honeymoon but now they are directed to Dubai (UAE). I would suggest you visit it at least once in your whole life to see what a mind of man can really do to transform a desert into the most beautiful place in the world. If you are living in Saudi Arabia, do you know that you don’t need to get a visa from Saudi Embassy? You can get on-arrival visa of Dubai (UAE) if you meet certain criteria. I have already written two articles on this subject, today I will be writing the procedure to get on arrival visa of Dubai (UAE) by Road.

First of all, you need to check your profession on Iqama. All the professions are not entitled to get on arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) by Road. I have provided a list of professions who are entitled to get on arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) by Road. Please have a look at it before planning your visit. “List of Professions who are entitled to get On Arrival Visit Visa of Dubai (UAE) at Border

If your profession is not listed above, you can still get another type of visas. I have explained in detail all another type of visit visa options available to you if you are Iqama holder living in Saudi Arabia in this article “Options to Get Dubai (UAE) Visit Visa”.

You must have at least 6 months validity of your Passport and at least three months validity of your Iqama at the time when you reach the border by road.

You need to carry original Iqama. Many people ask this question if they can get on-arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) on a copy of Iqama. No, you cannot get it on a copy of Iqama. Normally employers take Iqama from the employees when they are going to leave the country and by Saudi Labor Law, the employer has a right to do so. But you can request your employer to hand over your Iqama to you as you have to visit Dubai (UAE).

It is also important to mention here that if you are entitled to get on-arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) by Road, all your legal dependents and domestic workers are entitled to get on-arrival visit visa at the border. If any of your family members or domestic workers is not under your Iqama, don’t take them with you. They are not eligible to get on-arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) by Road.

Once you arrive at the border, you will have park your car at a side. You will find many cars parked there. Get down to it along with all the family members and go to the immigration office. You will be given a form for each person entering to Dubai (UAE) there. You need to fill the application form and pay the fee in cash to the respective officer. Fee for on-arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) is AED 225. Don’t forget to exchange currency before reaching to the Border. However, be prepared to spend some time here as it is a time-consuming process.

After filling the application form, you need to go to the eye scanning counter. Normally it does not take too much time. After getting clear from here, you can go to the immigration counter where you will have to produce a copy of your Saudi Iqama, on arrival visit visa application, fee voucher and passports of all the applicants. You will have to show your original Iqama to the immigration officers. If everything goes fine, you will be awarded on arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE). Enjoy your Trip!

After that, you have to enter another check post in your car and they will issue insurance for 150 Dirhams or riyals for 7 days. Once you get the insurance, you are all clear to continue your journey.

In order to get concrete information, if your Iqama profession is entitled to get on arrival visit visa of Dubai (UAE) by road, you can call to UAE embassy at Riyadh on 011-482-7366 or Dubai Airport on +971-4-224-5555.

It should be noted that UAE has stopped issuing on arrival visas by Road. It is better if you apply for a visa online. The procedure has been explained in this link. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for E-Visa of UAE for GCC Residents

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