Offering a woman as “wife” without her consent is illegal

Saudi Arabia has made a change in its reforms allowing the woman the right to choose the right husband for her. The move was initiated to enhance women’s independence to choose the right marriage partner.

The right to choose a life partner

According to the Scholars and legal experts, these changes in regulations will give the right to a woman to attend her marriage sessions to check the terms mentioned in the marriage contract and approve if she wills.

It will also give the right to women to place an objection regarding their marriage because marriage is a partnership between the spouses according to their wish that is to be linked together.

Gift Marriage

In some Muslim cultures, women are presented as a gift, sold, or bought as private property, which is against all the laws and regulations. The change will give new hope to women.

Although the consent of a woman is necessary for the validity of the marriage, many people still force their daughter to marry without her consent and dowry.

This is not only against the Islamic laws but also gives birth to several family issues, marital infidelities, and also high divorce rates.

Islamic rulings for Gift Marriages

Sheikh Mohammad Salih Al Othaymen, said that marriage is not valid without a woman’s consent. Marrying a woman without her knowledge is not allowed and the marriage contract is also not valid without the woman’s permission, he added.

A lawyer Hassan Al Zahrani said in a statement regarding force marriage in our society, the woman has the right to sue her father or her husband if she is married against her consent.

Source: Gulf News

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