How to offer Qasr prayer while traveling?

Muslims have to offer shortened prayer commonly known as Qasr while traveling if the definition of Musafir/traveler is met.

  • Qasr prayer is a requirement, not an option.

Who is a Musafir?

A person is a Musafir or traveler if he;

  • Travels for more than 80 kilometers or 48 miles from the border of the city he lives in.
  • Is intending to stay at that place for less than 15 days.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stayed in Makkah for 15 days praying each prayer with two rak’ahs. – Sunan an-Nasa’i 1453

There are some Hadith that allow you to offer Qasr prayer even if the stay is 18 days or 19 days, but the Hanafi school has kept it to 15 days.

How to offer Qasr prayer while traveling?

While traveling from Jeddah for 15+ days stay in Madina, you are a Musafir;

  • As soon as you start your journey.
  • Until you reach Madina.
  • Once in Madina, you are no more a traveler.

Offering Qasr prayer individually

If a person is traveling as per the definition of Musafir given above, he is required to offer a short or Qasr prayer.

  • Fajr Qasr prayer: 2 Rakat.
  • Duhr Qasr prayer: 2 Rakat.
  • Asr Qasr prayer: 2 Rakat.
  • Maghrib Qasr prayer: 3 Rakat.
  • Isha Qasr prayer: 2 Rakat.
  • Witr when traveling is Sunnah not Wajib.

Performing Qasr prayer is a requirement, not an option. If someone offers 4 Rakat in Duhr while traveling, he will have to perform Sajda Sahu.

Offering Qasr prayer with Jamat

The way to offer Qasr prayer with Jamat is slightly different.

  • If the Imam is local, a traveler is required to offer the complete Fard prayer i.e. 4.
  • If the Imam is a traveler, a Musafir is required to offer the Qasr prayer.
  • If the Imam is a traveler, a resident is required to offer the complete fard prayer. Once Imam completes his Salah, the resident will stand up and complete the rest of the 2 fard.

Combining prayer while traveling

While traveling, Muslims are also allowed to combine the following two prayers together;

It is important to note that while offering Qasr prayer is mandatory during travel, combining prayers is optional.

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