How to offer Eid prayer at home? – Complete Guide

This Eid will be different from the rest of the Eids we celebrated because of the critical situation of COVID-19. Unlike every year, Eid ul Fitr prayers will not be held at mosques and people are guided to offer their Eid Prayer at home.

The very first thing we are following since our childhood is that it is not permissible to offer it at home because Eid prayers are held at a mosque with the community. In this regard, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said that Muslims can offer Eid prayer at home.

How to offer Eid prayer at Home?

  • The time to offer Eid prayer is 15 minutes after the sunrise.
  • The format to offer eid prayer at home will be the same that you follow every year at the mosques.
  • Offer two rakat salah and the surahs should be read loudly during the prayer
  • Surah Fateha must be recited like in every salah along with other surah
  • 7 takbeerat should be said in the first Rakat. After 1st takbeer, 6 more takbeerat should be said before starting the prayer
  • In the second rakat there should be 5 takbeerat. The takbeerat should be said at the start of the second rakat after you get up offering Sajda.
  • We have shared a video of Eid prayer at Masjid al-Haram for the last year which would help you in performing Eid prayer at home.

Sunnah to follow before Eid prayer

  • First of all, you should take a bath (perform gusal) and get ready.
  • Wear nice clothes as you do in every eid because it is sunnah to wear nice clothes on Eid day.
  • Have something sweet to eat. If you are having dates, it should be in odd numbers
  • Recite Takbeerat in a loud voice.

How to offer Eid prayer at home?This is a brief guide about Eid-ul Fitr prayer. it is very easy to offer eid prayer at home. I hope everyone will follow this guide and offer their prayer at home along with their families rather than moving out.

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