Nofa Wildlife Safari Park and Resort in Riyadh

If you live in Saudi Arabia, you must have heard of the Nofa Resorts. Nofa Resorts is an incredible place to visit. Actually, the Nofa Resorts is a collection of several resorts among which is the Nofa Safari Park! This Park is perhaps the most amazing part of the resort.

The good news is that Nofa Safari Park is now accessible to the public (as of November 2017), whereas, before this, only corporate visits, VIP bookings, and events were entertained at this park only. The Park is famously known for the giraffes that it houses, but believe me, it has a lot more in store!

In this article, we will walk you through the entire Nofa Safari experience and how to get there!

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  1. Booking and Price

To visit the Nofa Safari, you first need to book in advance by messaging the Nofa Resort on this link. Note that the pricing for Adults and Kids over 2 years old is 100 SAR per person excluding VAT. Kids under 2 will be allowed without any fee. The fee also includes the Safari Game Drive and Wildlife Center Tour.

Payment of the tickets will be done in cash when you arrive at the resort. In exchange, they will give wristbands which you will wear for the rest of the tour.

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  1. The Journey Starts

You can look up Nofa Resorts on Google Maps but just to have an idea: The Nofa Resorts are located 90 km from Riyadh, traveling towards Makkah. Once you reach, park the car and get your wristbands and get ready for a wild drive!

You will then hop onto the bus and reach the Safari rest house for some refreshments. Complimentary tea, water, and coffee are served to all visitors.

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  1. Game drive

A drive around the Safari park in open-top vehicles to give you the best experience among more than 700 animals. Among these are the cheetahs, giraffes, wildebeests, pygmy hippos, gazelles, antelopes, and ostriches. The endangered Arabian Ibex and Oryx are also among the pack.

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  1. Wildlife Center

After the game drive, the next stop is the Nofa Wildlife Center. Here, the visitors can interact with the animals under the supervision of the professional wildlife staff. There are many reptiles and birds with whom you can interact inside the wildlife center. Other animals are the Yellow Scorpion, porcupines, hares, and Vipers.

After the trip, you can have lunch at the restaurant located in the Golf Resort. It is a family place hence, no single males are allowed. The atmosphere is quite good and you can experience wildlife like never before. This is a one time experience and a treat for all the locals and tourists!

Source: Blue Abaya

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