No return of residents until the end of pandemic – Jawazat

General Directorate of Passports Jawazat has made an important announcement today that there will be no return of residents to Saudi Arabia until the end of coronavirus pandemic and in accordance with a valid entry visa.

Question by a resident

Actually it was a response to a question asked by a twitter user when he asked, can a resident who is out of Saudi Arabia return to the country? If yes,  then what is the detailed procedure for that?

Jawazat Response

In response to this question, Jawazat has answered that residents of Saudi Arabia would not be allowed to enter the country until the end of coronavirus pandemic.

Jawazat indicated that if the beneficiary is outside the Kingdom, the resumption of the exit and return visa extension mechanism will be announced after the end of the new Corona pandemic crisis.

Whenever new decisions or instructions are issued, they will be announced through official channels.

However, this tweet also indicates that they are not in a mood to start the repatriation of residents to Saudi Arabia too soon.

How to extend exit reentry visa?

The exit reentry visa of most of the residents who went out before the start of the pandemic has expired. In order to return to Saudi Arabia, they will have to extend the exit re-entry visa

This is the current procedure to extend the exit reentry visa for Saudi Arabia.

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