No one wants to employ me – A Saudi complains

A 27-year-old Saudi citizen is complaining that no one is giving him a job. The reason is his obesity.

The young lad, named Khalil Ibrahim Haqur, is obese with a weight of more than 195 kilograms. He has applied at different places yet is rejected a job after his weight is disclosed to them.

However, the local media reports that Dr. Ayaz Al Qahtani has given him hope as he has assured that he will treat his obesity for free.

Ibrahim has been obese since his childhood, yet he had never been this tense as now the situation is changing. Now, his father has passed away and financial responsibility has shifted on his shoulders. He has an entire household to feed.

He thereby uploaded a video and shared his problem. He was lucky that Dr. Ayaz saw it and now has promised a free operation after 5 days. 

There have been many successful operations for this disease before in Saudi Arabia. In one case, the 

Therefore, we at Life in Saudi Arabia wish Ibrahim a healthy life ahead!

Source: Urdu News

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