No one can force a woman to cover her face

In past, every woman heard the sentence “You are a woman, cover your face”, but now we can say that this sentence has disappeared from our society.

A judge expelled a woman from the building

Recently, an Incident was reported from Riyadh where a Judge expelled a female employee out of the building because she was not covering her face. 

No law in Saudi Arabia, commands women to cover their faces. This is a matter relating to her personal freedom. No one has the right to make their own laws and force citizens to follow them.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did not force anyone, neither did he say anything from his own mind. 

No one can force a woman to cover her face

A judge has no right to force a woman to cover her face. If there is a law that a woman cannot enter the court unless she has covered her face, so they should write it on a notice board outside the court.

Everybody should apply his belief to himself or his family, whether he is a judge, a common citizen, or a great personality.

The judge who expelled the employee was trying to practice his own belief in a government institute that belongs to the Kingdom and not to himself.

No one has the right to control another person’s personal choices. Such behavior is a part of the past not present. And this should be stopped now.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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